PhoneBuff has put together an interesting video showcasing fifty things Siri can do now, and we think there’s a pretty high chance you won’t be aware of all of them. It’s getting on for eight minutes long, but well worth a look if you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of Apple’s virtual assistant.

The video includes examples of linked queries, where Siri knows who or what you are referring to based on your previous question.

PhoneBuff did a similar thing with Google Now’s Voice Commands, and although they don’t use the same questions – each video is designed to illustrate their respective capabilities rather than a head-to-head challenge – it does make for an interesting comparison. Google video below.

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7 Responses to “The Siri trivia challenge: how many of these 50 things did you know Siri could do?”

  1. Quite a few – but how many of them work or are relevant outside of USA? Five immediate parochial examples…
    Tipping – Some countries tip on what the service was worth, not an arbitrary percentage
    Restaurant Reservations – Siri gives the message that this is not available in the UK
    Airplanes overhead – Siri just gave the results of a Web Search and not any timetables
    NBA Stats – Meh (I am sure some folks outside of N America care about these…)
    Nearest Gas station – In the UK, it only gave the results for small shops affiliated to Petrol Stations (what they’re called in the UK and what I searched on). However not all Gas Stations have a separate shop – so not all are shown.

    However I still use Siri – but mostly to make calls and send/read messages whilst driving


  2. Seriously annoying narration.

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  3. Ask siri, “What are you wearing?”
    A: Aluminosilicate glass and aluminum. Nice, huh?

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  4. is funny i open mi google app right next to my computer and whenever the guy say “ok google” my iPhone reply faster than the nexus..isnt that a funny thing(I’m talking about the nexus video)

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