Signage for a new Apple Store in Brisbane, Australia has started appearing. The store will be located in the MacArthur Chambers building. The store doesn’t have an official opening date yet, but the second week of January seems to be a pretty decent estimation.

The new location will be the twenty-first Apple Store in the country. The new store will also help push forward Tim Cook’s vision of selling even more Apple devices through first-party retail stores.

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5 Responses to “Apple signage says new flagship Brisbane, Australia store opening soon”

  1. shm1ck83 says:


    Brisbane needs one more southside as they are all towards the north.


    • Carindale Shopping Centre. Or failing that, Robina.


    • Prowl Home says:

      Brisbane is tiny!

      Er you have one in the Chermside in the north and one in Carindale in the south and now one smack bang in the middle in the city.

      What more do you want!? Even London only has 2. Admittedly they are 2 of the biggest in the world.


      • shm1ck83 says:

        I was thinking more south, I live 40mins away from the closest Apple Store, you may think that’s not far, but will all the shopping centers around there is a closer option, but none with an Apple Store.

        Garden City Shopping Center would be an ideal location due to it upgrade going on right now.

        With SEQ growing in population every year I can’t see why Apple wouldn’t put one more store in.


  2. Get one on the Sunshine Coast!