Screenshot 2014-01-21 17.45.24

(also don’t forget the Parallels Bundle!)

Stack Social is running another ‘Name your own price bundle’ with some solid offerings starting at $1 and an email address (Update: Now over $3 and rising!). The price goes up as people buy it so it is best to get in early.

The bundle includes:

If you are feeling generous, 10% of all sales go to a charity of you choice – so get in early, and get on the leaderboard (which qualifies you to enter a drawing for a MacBook Air).


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11 Responses to “‘Name Your Own Price’ Mac Bundle: Snagit Screencapture, Flux 4, Boom, Mac X Video Converter, Elite Keylogger Pro, more”

  1. mockery17 says:

    I’m surprised by how many useless apps they threw in.


  2. As somebody who was stupid enough to fall for this scam, let me warn you: DON’T pay money for this! Out of the 11 apps in this bundle the provided activation codes didn’t work for 3 of them. 2 other apps simply can’t be opened after you have installed them. You just get an error message saying that “This app can’t be opened, because it comes from an unknown developer”. And with one of the apps, after installing it, you just get an error message saying that “Dekstop Jump” is damaged – You must move it to the trash” ! An utter waste of time and money! Last time I fall for this.


    • try hitting up support, they’ll give you another download link and you should be in good shape. IT isn’t a scam – they’ve been doing this for years.


    • sharpekid says:

      I followed the instructions noted for Jump Desktop and the install worked fine. There is a warning on the download instructions saying to follow exactly to not break your activation. Give it a try. You have to move the download to your applications folder, then double-click app, don’t press anything on the app and click the ‘retrieve license’. Download that file and the app registers automatically.


    • Thomas Boles says:

      When you get the error message ” This app can’t be opened, because it comes from an unknown developer”, simply right click and select open instead of double clicking on the app. You will then receive the same error message but will have the option to open the app anyways. This is a very common error message on macs and 3rd party software.


  3. pruppert says:

    The only app I wanted – Jump Desktop – will not work. Once downloaded, it says that it is damaged and to move it to the trash. What a rip off. Can I get a refund?


    • Their support is pretty exceptional in my experience. Give it a try – you’ll get a download again link and all should be right in the universe


      • pruppert says:

        I apologize for my earlier “rip off” comment. It was stupid. I’ll await a support response from the Jump Desktop folks. I was actually interested in Jump Desktop after logmein’s discontinuation news yesterday. The current price of this bundle is a great bargain compared the typical going rate of $30 for the app. Looking forward to using it.


  4. Jim G says:

    Just got a new link for Jump Desktop, and it works fine.

    They acknowledged a temporary problem, but it appears fixed now.

    @ Lars Pallesen for “This app can’t be opened, because it comes from an unknown developer” that is a known security protocol in Mavericks (and Mountain Lion prior), simply right click the app and select open, or go to your system prefs > Security & Privacy and change the permissions to allow apps downloaded from anywhere. Change it back when you are done, if you desire.


  5. Paul Nielsen says:

    Snagit is fantastic, as a tech writer Sangit has been my favorite too for screenshots for nearly a decade. It’s a specialty tool, but if you need it there’s nothing better.