In September of 2013, Apple and Burberry partnered up to shoot an entire fashion show using only iPhones. Today Apple released a new thirty-second ad for the iPhone 5s that features footage from the show combined with behind-the-scenes footage of the iPhones used to document the event.

The show was filmed with fourteen different iPhones throughout the venue just prior to the public release of the phone to the public.

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5 Responses to “Apple posts new 30-second iPhone ad created from Burberry fashion show footage”

  1. interesting that nobody noticed the gold iPhone… did EVERYBODY have to sign an NDA?


  2. Mel Snyder says:

    It’s comical how so many anti-Apple gearheads flock to any site with a positive Apple product coverage to tell everyone how the Apple product is crap and how their favorite device could do it better.

    Aside from the leveling effect of 1080p, they miss the point: Brand. Burberry is a quality brand, targeting style and brand-conscious consumers. Its target audience sees the video was shot on the phone they carry (or aspire to carry) and they see a brand they wear or aspire to wear – and once the video starts rolling, they are totally absorbed in what they see.

    The word the anti-Apple nerds miss is “aspire.” Art directors aspire to work with Apple. Professional video directors aspire to work with iPhones and iPads. Consumers aspire to owning the new iPhones. There is nothing aspirational to high-end consumers, or brand directors, or art directors about working with any other smartphone. You touch an iPhone, and if you don’t start with a negative attitude toward it, you are impressed. It is jewel-like in its finish. It looks and feels Tiffany, Cartier – not Citizen or Timex. You feel good buying it, You feel good about people seeing you use it.

    That’s why they shot the video with an iPhone 5s. And why other brands hold no attraction for anyone in the aspirational brand business, from beginning to end user. The leakage from iPhone ownership to other brands is miniscule.