A Lisa mouse used by Steve Jobs to give a presentation at the Aspen International Design Conference in 1983 and then buried in a time capsule has been dug up, reports CNET.

The capsule was originally due to be unearthed in 2000, but landscaping work meant that conference organisers lost track of its position and had to call in help from the National Geographic Channel show Diggers to locate it.

The capsule was retrieved back in September, but the video has just been made available.

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10 Responses to “Original Lisa mouse used by Steve Jobs dug up from buried time capsule [Video]”

  1. God how much I hate the style of such TV reports. Kinda interesting though


  2. “Steve Jobs used this mouse in his speech to predict the future”. Right so.


  3. They buried a time capsule for only 17 years (although it took them almost twice as long to find it)? You’d think it would have been buried for something like 50 or 100 years before they go all out digging it up and opening it.


  4. sardonick says:

    They should get an oscar for over dramatization. Makes the whole thing hard to watch. The content, however, was pretty cool. I just wish those people/shows would focus more on quality content and less on stupid theatrics. “I felt the end cap come off in my hands” Wow, what did he expect it to do, speak in tongues and fly away? Anyway, cool find.


  5. One BIG ASS Time Capsule, for One SMALL ASS mouse.

    Guess the other crap in their was 100% garbage