As MacStories notes, an updated version of Apple’s iTunes Festival app has appeared in the App Store with an iOS 7 redesign and streaming support for next week’s iTunes Festival at SXSW (although the app does not appear ready for download just yet).

Earlier this week, John Gruber offered that Apple’s iTunes Festival app could require iOS 7.1 and suggested a correlation between the absence of both software releases. Compatibility notes, though, list iOS 7.0 is supported and some users are reporting success with downloading the app with iOS 7.0.6.

At any rate, iOS 7.1 is still expected to debut sometime this month.

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3 Responses to “iTunes Festival for iOS updated with refreshed design, SXSW streaming support”

  1. My iTunes shows the “iTunes Festival….” app as having an update available, but when you click the Update button a “Temporarily Not Availble, Try again Later” alert appears.

    Has anyone been able to install the update yet? the update does NOT yet appear on my iOS devices.


  2. smitho1234 says:

    I think that I liked the layout and look of the old app.


  3. I was able to download the new app with the new design, i am in Norway.