From tomorrow, AT&T will cut the price of its 2GB data plan tier ‘Mobile Share Value’ from $55 to $40. In total, this plan will cost you $65 per month in data charges for one device, comprised of the reduced $40 data plan and a $25 device charge. As usual, there is a $25 charge for each device that shares the data allowance. For one device, this represents an overall reduction of approximately 20% of AT&T’s current offerings. Otherwise, the plans remain the same with unlimited talk and text service, unlimited international messaging in addition to the shared data.

Yesterday, T-Mobile announced more ‘Uncarrier’ changes to its plans. T-Mobile has doubled the LTE data bucket from 500MB to 1GB on the $50 Simple Choice plan. The data cap on the $60 plan has also been increased by 500MB, from 2.5GB to 3GB. The carrier has also introduced a new $80 tier, which offers unlimited data on 4G LTE.

The reshuffling has meant that the $70 option has suffered slightly, going from unlimited 4G LTE to just 5GB of data, although T-Mobile has doubled the tethering allowance to 5GB too.

However, T-Mobile now also bundles unlimited international texting into all of its plans. This means texting worldwide is now completely free, a big saving compared to charging per text sent as before. AT&T bundled unlimited international texting into its plans back in February.  T-Mobile also announced a slight expansion of its global free data roaming to include Afghanistan, Guam, Honduras, Macau, Uganda, San Marino and the Canary Islands.

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8 Responses to “AT&T cuts price of Mobile Share Value plan as T-Mobile offers more data, unlimited international texting”

  1. rwiley17 says:

    So what about the 4 GB and 6 GB plans from AT&T? Will they also see a reduction in price?


  2. does that mean my $70 dollar plan i tmobile will change or am i grandfathered in?


  3. weakguy says:

    Gotta love competition. However, US cellular plans are still very expensive compared to many other parts of the world.


  4. standardpull says:

    If regulators didn’t step in, AT&T and T-Mobile would have merged. And if they merged, prices would have gone up across the industry. At least now there is some notion of competition.


  5. RK Soni says:

    AT&T announced to offers 2GB sharable data i.e 1GB each for two for $90 while
    T-Mobile offers great deal 1GB each for three family members at $90 only ….Mr Legere is awesome guy !!!….


  6. Derek Mounce says:

    If anyone wants to join Sprint my framily ID# is B00690276kM (capital B zero zero 69 zero 276 lowercase k capital M) last 4 digits of number is 0192 join me and get service for as cheap as $25 get unlimited data for $20 more plus having service for 31 days receive a $200 visa card for porting your number over