Apple released an updated version of GarageBand for Mac today bringing back MP3 exporting and adding 3 new Drummers to the instrument recording software. MP3 exporting, which you would think is a standard feature for the software, was removed from the app in version 10. The update also features improvements to the software accessibility features and bug fixes.

What’s New in Version 10.0.2

• Improves stability and addresses a number of minor issues
• Adds the option to export songs as an MP3
• Contains multiple enhancements to Accessibility
• Includes 3 new Drummers and drum kits from the rock, songwriter, and R&B genres*

*Part of the one-time in-app purchase that includes the complete set of GarageBand sounds, loops, and drummers, as well as access to the GarageBand Lesson Store.

The last version of GarageBand (10.0.1) was released last November while Apple first released GarageBand 10 last October.

GarageBand 10.0.2 is available now on the Mac App Store.

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7 Responses to “GarageBand for Mac brings back MP3 exporting, adds new Drummers & more”

  1. interesting what we envy in this gadgets an apple version 10.0,with no mp3?i had of a midrange smartphone that has no radio!


  2. I downgraded after trying 10 for a short time. The newly introduced barring of plugins was the real kicker. Without plugins, GarageBand goes from hobbyist product to full on demo product. The one reason I stick with it at all is that I love starting projects on my iPad and then moving them over. Using Music Studio on iOS into Reaper on Mac could work for that if I had to, but I’d really miss the touch instruments in iOS GarageBand. Of course, downgrading on the Mac meant I had to downgrade on my iPad, too.


    • You can use plugins in GarageBand 10 just fine, provided they are 64 bit.

      Hobbyist product? GarageBand 10 with Mainstage content added coupled with the ability to seamlessly import iOS projects puts it toe to toe with many full priced and ‘pro’ DAWS – especially for beginners.


  3. Firebender says:

    Still no sign of Podcasting feature, shameful Apple shameful! The old GB sucks at Podcasting now, it’s dragging and slow, the features and layout is amazing though but it’s dragging now. So I naturally was so excited to finally get an update of GB… only to find that the program I use for my podcast shows… have become a retard… and can no longer do Podcasting. Insane what Apple gets away with these days and people defend it as if it’s family.