Saint-Tropez, France

Saint-Tropez, France

Apple added 3D flyover support in its Maps application for Mac and iOS to three new cities this weekend: Perth, Australia; Saint-Tropez, France; and Cordoba, Spain. This addition comes just a few months after Apple added flyover support for Cape Town and others as the company continues to expand its coverage to include as many major cities as possible.

Not everyone’s excited about Apple’s 3D mapping technology, though. The Norwegian government has blocked Apple from collecting flyover data from Oslo, the nation’s capital.

Apple is working on polishing the Maps application before the release of iOS 8 later this year. In addition to improved mapping data, the app will reportedly be updated to include public transit directions, which were removed from the iOS app when Apple decided to build its own in-house system instead of relying on Google Maps.

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8 Responses to “Apple Maps gains 3D flyover support in three new cities in Europe and Australia”

  1. Why is Vienna still not supported??
    The city has 1.8 million inhabitants!
    We also have no Apple Retail Store yet…

    Has anyone an explanation??


    • yeah thats really strange for me.. I would like to have one Apple Store in Vienna. I hope that Angela Ahrendts is planning one for vienna.. :)
      Flyover.. maybe no contract yet with the government.. Look at google street view.. also no contract.


  2. Wow. It’s a real shame that Apple is still wasting precious time & energy & resources on flyover. Apple needs to give up on this flyover stuff, just like they gave up on their terrible “social network” Ping. Flyover is, in essence, a gimmicky shtick that has no real purpose in the real world, and nobody — I mean, nobody — uses it. I bet 99% of people with iPhones don’t even know it exists. I know that I wouldn’t even know how to activate flyover if you asked me to do so. What purpose does it serve in the REAL WORLD? Might be nice to watch a flyover ONCE, but then you’re done. Apple needs to focus their energy on improving mapping directions and getting up-to-date business listings in their Maps app… both of which are still absolutely horrible. We still have to use Google Maps every day because Apple Maps is so unbelievably wrong over half the time. Just yesterday, we asked Apple Maps to guide us to a business that hasn’t moved locations in 12 years. Apple Maps guided us to a dirt lot 3.2 miles away from the real business. Another time, Apple Maps told us that the hotel we were looking for was 42.7 miles away, even though it was only 1 block away. And just last month, we asked Apple Maps to guide us to Chipotle Restaurant. It eagerly guided us straight to a bridge over a river, and told us that we had reached our destination right in the middle of the bridge. Apple Maps is still absolutely horrible to this day, yet Apple is wasting time on this flyover crap.


  3. weakguy says:

    And still no flyover for some iconic buildings such as Dubai Khalifa Tower and Taipei 101. Really Apple?


  4. Josh Lin says:

    where is TAIPEI??


  5. Yay!, Apple has chosen another place in Australia for 3D View. They chose Perth!, Good decision but why cannot Adelaide, Australia be chosen we have the new Adelaide Oval and how awesome would that look?