After spending about a month and a half in the beta channel, Chrome is rolling out Google Now notifications to all users. To activate the feature, Google says to sign in with the same Google account used on iOS.

Users can find their cards through the Google Chrome Notifications window. This view is available by clicking the bell icon in the OS X menubar. Cards for events such as weather, sports, directions and reminders will appear just like Now works on mobile platforms.

Some cards that appear on iPhone and iPad through the Google Search app are not currently supported on the desktop browser however and will not appear. More information can be found on the Chrome Help pages.

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6 Responses to “Google Now notifications now available in Chrome for Mac”

  1. I have no icon on my menu bar…I have signed in successfully. this is my chrome version 33.0.1750.152. Any ideas?


  2. There in just one big problem with Google and any of it’s apps on the iOS. It can’t or won’t remember your last login. Until Google fixes this then most if not all Google apps are pretty much useless.


  3. Ya, it’ll probably take a couple hours or days for it to roll out to everyone. Most likely a staggered release.


  4. What Google really needs to fix is the battery life issues when using Chrome. Chrome just chews through my battery.


  5. Google had a 48.2% share in total US mobile ad revenues by the end of 2013 and The share is expected to reach 50.6% by 2015.


  6. I suddenly, from one day to the other I get notifications about the weather from google. Like: every 10 minutes a small window pops up and informs me about the temperature outside. I find this highly annoying. How do I put this thing off? I’m on Mac Os X, Chrome…