As noted in a report today from Ad Age (via MacRumors), Apple is now allowing non-developers to access and use the iAd Workbench platform.

At the onset of its mobile-ad business, Apple extended olive branches to a select group of brands, promising premier reach. But advertisers pushed back against its pricey offerings. Now, it appears Apple has concluded money in mobile ads comes from a wide net; in short, it’ll look more like Google.

Previously, iAd Workbench users had to at least be enrolled in Apple’s $99/year registered developers program, but now opening an iAd Workbench account will only require an Apple ID which is free to create with any Apple service or device. Ad Age reports that customers using iAd Workbench can choose between payment based on cost-per-click or cost-per-thousand impressions, although rates are currently not clear.

The report also notes that iAd Workbench will now include support for short videos within ads, something previously only seen with big brands behind earlier ads when iAd focused on private deals to deliver content.

As seen above, iAd Workbench can now promote a video or website within an ad unit, not just prompt to download content from iTunes.

iAd Workbench ad units are exclusive to Apple’s iOS platform for iPhone, iPads, and iPod touches. Apple has been leveraging its iTunes Radio streaming content service as a target for deals with big sponsors like Nissan and Pepsi.

These ad units appear on iOS Devices as well as on iTunes Radio for Apple TV and iTunes for Mac and PC.

Apple iAd Workbench was introduced last June in the U.S. and has expanded to several additional countries since its release.

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2 Responses to “Apple opens iAd Workbench platform to non-developers, adds video clip support”

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