Shocker. Now that OS X 10.9.3 has finally been released publicly, Apple has told its AppleSeed testing group (Apple’s customer software seeding program) that they will automatically be enrolled in the testing phase for the upcoming OS X 10.9.4:


We reported a few weeks ago that Apple has begun development of 10.9.4 and has already seeded some alphas to employees. No word yet on what 10.9.4 includes, but it probably has some bug fixes and maybe even some new bugs.

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3 Responses to “Apple tells AppleSeed folks they’ll soon be testing OS X 10.9.4”

  1. antrikshy says:

    WOAH! What a surprise! I would never have guessed that they will be testing 10.9.4 after 10.9.3!


  2. What about iOS 7.1.2? any browsing logs from 9to5mac website?


  3. taojones2013 says:

    I’m still testing OS 9.4.2