Apple has just launched a new special offer through its online store for Fathers Day offering free shipping on all purchases through Thursday, May 29th. While the company typically provides free shipping for orders $50 and up, this limited-time special covers everything that may not reach that price point, such as cases or other accessories.

Not only is this great offer just in time to help you get just the right gift for your dad, but it could also potentially help Apple clear out a little extra merchandise ahead of its WWDC conference early next month, where the company is expected to announce some new hardware alongside its redesigned OS X operating system and updated iOS mobile platform.

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5 Responses to “Apple now offering free shipping on all online purchases through May 29th”

  1. garofaloroof says:

    This is great. Parents who share their iPads with their kids for playing games and other entertainment will want to check out this novel idea from the startup company. The product is a combination of iPad game apps and iPad accessories that use the front-facing camera to connect real world gameplay and interactions with what is happening within.


  2. Apple always has free shipping for any purchase in Australia.

    How many countries does Apple do this for?


  3. megab4k3r says:

    Just in time for my Birthday!! hopefully I can discover myself with a MbA


  4. Not in the Danish Apple store 😟


  5. Glen Knight says:

    This article is bogus…. I tried to order online at the apple website and it still charges $4.00 for shipping! I spoke to an apple operator this morning and they are not aware of this offer.