With so many new iOS and OS X features being introduced in yesterday’s WWDC keynote, the numbers that kicked off the show perhaps didn’t get the attention they otherwise might have done.

While the Wall Street line is that the smartphone market is saturated and iPhone and iPad growth is done, Tim Cook clearly thinks otherwise. Business Insider highlighted Cook’s comment on the migration Apple is seeing from Android phones.

“Over 130 million customers who bought an iOS device in the past 12 months were buying their first Apple device,” said Cook before introducing iOS 8, the new software for the iPhone and iPad. “Many of these customers were switchers from Android. They had bought an Android phone — by mistake. Then had sought a better experience … And a better life. And decided to check out iPhone and iOS.”

He added, “Nearly half of our customers in China in the past six months switch from Android to iPhone. This is incredible.”

There are a couple of important riders here. “Incredible” is over-stating it for China when the China Mobile deal unleashed a lot of pent-up demand for iPhone in a short space of time. All the same, almost 50 percent switching from Android is impressive.

And that 130 million figure isn’t broken down. Some will be first-time smartphone buyers, switching from a featurephone, and the use of the word “many” rather than “most” or “almost half” tells us that it’s still a minority – but not a small one.

For iOS to be grabbing significant numbers of Android users already is encouraging – a phenomenon that is likely to get a substantial boost when Apple has a larger-screened iPhone with many Androidesque new features included in iOS 8.

The first weekend numbers following the launch of the iPhone 6 are going to make very interesting reading.

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20 Responses to “Android migration means there’s more iPhone growth to come, suggests Cook”

  1. Tim Jr. says:

    Already hearing from some with the combined features coming in iOS 8, saying if iPhone 6 is really going to have a 4.7″ iPhone, they are switching..

    • patstar5 says:

      I switched from ios to android after being woth apple since 2009. Don’t want to go back. Apple products are good, but not worth paying $100s more for it than competition.

    • patstar5 says:

      That was the reason I left iphone. Screen to tiny, I guess iphone 6 will be about same size as moto x. Pretty compact. I just can’t justify the price. $400 for 32gb moto x vs $750 for 32gb iphone that costs them $250 to make? I will noy pay apple tax anymore.

      • Tim Jr. says:

        Only if you like the older tech of the Moto.. and you are buying outright.. MOST are not.. they subsidize or do pay over time which blunts the costs your talking about.

        most look at Note 3 .. which is more .. or Galaxy S5, which is not that different..

        If you look at comparable flagship phones.. pricing is not any different. With the new iCloud Drive.. going over 16 or 32gb isn’t really needed either..

      • Tim Jr. says:

        Besides.. Apple tax is a stupid saying these days.. especially when you look see that other flash ship phones are just as expensive.. HTC, Samsung, etc..

      • patstar5 says:

        I am looking at getting oneplus one which is $350 for 64gb, motorola is having sell on moto x so it is $300 for 32gb version. I always kept 14000 pictures with me on my iphone 5 so that is why I got the 64gb model. I guess I could get 32gb iphone 6 but $750, (if not more if apple raises prices) is too much. I have a galaxy s4 right now I got for $180 refurbished ofd contract for att. Really don’t like samsung which is why I am looking at oneplus one, motorola x, and other good off contract android phones.

  2. Laughing_Boy48 says:

    Those analysts are always saying iPhone and iPad growth are done. While I’ll admit both smartphone and tablet markets are saturated, Apple could still eke out a little bit of growth with new products. Apple will never increase market share but just being able to sell more units every year is a positive thing. Apple needs to keep holding on to that loyal customer base and make money from services. I’d like to think there will be lots of switchers from Android but if it’s a matter of consumers simply wanting cheap smartphones, Apple will still have some consumer resistance. I’m not going to over-think the matter. Whatever extra sales Apple can get they’ll just have to settle for. Android is going to take a fall when Samsung moves to Tizen OS.

  3. patstar5 says:

    I switched from ios to android after being woth apple since 2009. Don’t want to go back. Apple products are good, but not worth paying $100s more for it than competition.

    • Tallest Skil says:

      Ignorance is bliss. Enjoy!

      • patstar5 says:

        Yep, Apple and Samsung and their sheep’s ignorance to other manufactuers are why they are making money. You can pay $100s more if you like I am just saying that there are better options that are cheaper.

      • patstar5 says:

        You’re blind! Open up your eyes!

      • In my humble opinion, at the end of the day you pick a phone that works best for you. I used to have an Android phone back in the days of 2.2, but everything I own is Apple and I use Apple applications and services so an iPhone made more sense to me. If you like using Google products and services than perhaps an Android is best for you.

        As for pricing, last I checked a 32GB Nexus 5 is $399. I paid $299 through Verizon for my 32GB iPhone 5s. So, if the new iPhone does go up $100 in price then it’s right inline with the Nexus 5.

  4. It’s all ridiculous. Cook knows he’ll never come close to Android numbers, just like their PC’s never came close to Window’s numbers, even after Jobs came back. And just because someone upgrades to a BMW after buying Toyotas for years, doesn’t mean Toyota has anything to worry about from BMW. And when Toyota makes premium cars, like their Avalon, it doesn’t mean BMW has to worry about things.

  5. korkidog says:

    I was hoping to hear about a new iPod Touch, but I guess Apple is going to slowly abandon it and I will have to use my iPad Mini as my iPod. I’m not interested in paying all the added monthly fees from cell phone carriers for ANY smartphone, Apple or Android. I’ll continue using my old flip phone and use my iPod or iPad on wifi.

  6. drtyrell969 says:

    Dangerous marketing. The facts are completely the opposite, and the Board of Directors know it’s a lie. Keep innovating or you’ll die Apple.

    • patstar5 says:

      Tell me how many phones are in that slice of kitkat or how many pcs are windows 8? Probably more than what apple makes.

      • for windows, you are right, for kitkat you are not so right
        kitkat has still a very low number of devices
        reason why is because the update servers are pointed to the phone company’s servers
        they say if yo can update or not
        this is the same with iOS, but apple does push updates to many devices
        when you compare the numbers, iPhone 5s is the best selling phone, apple has 3 phones in the top 3
        this for a company that has less marketshare then samsung

        i own an android tablet, an iPhone 5s and 4s, an iPod touch and an iPad
        reason why i don’t want an android is because I use macbook
        I’m used to browsing without worries for mall ware, viruses and other crap
        my android tablet is offline 99% of the time
        i only install software onto it with my macbook
        friends of me have android phones and they have to buy new ones every 6-8 months just because they stop working after a few months, wifi broken, screen has a black line, bluetooth stopped working….

      • sorry
        apple has 3 phones in the top 10
        i mis-typed