When speculating on why Apple had acquired Beats, I wondered whether Beats’ fashionability in the youth market might be a factor. A survey of college students by Chegg suggests the answer may be yes. Re/code reports that the 10,000 students surveyed thought the deal was good for Apple’s image.

Half the students said the deal would make Apple more popular among students, and nearly a quarter think it will make Apple more “cool.”

Interestingly, only 15 percent of students owned a Beats product – likely a smaller percentage than those who owned an Apple one. So while students may see Beats as cooler than Apple, the numbers may suggest otherwise …


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5 Responses to “Beats acquisition made Apple “cooler” and more popular with students, says survey”

  1. I once met a legally deaf guy who came into the Apple store wearing Beats headphones. Let that sink in. Once it does, you’ll realize just how well marketed the brand is. Also, consider this: How many kids grow up with pictures of Lamborghini or Ferrari cars on their bedroom walls but actually grow up to own them? Does that mean that those are not celebrated or admired brands?

    Numbers aren’t everything. But marketing and licensing sure is. That is *precisely* why HP was so keen to brand a laptop with the Beats logo: It’s the image that helps to sell those other products.


  2. As a fellow technology enthusiast and non-Beats owner, I have to say that the numbers don’t mean anything. I mean I don’t own Beats but I think they’re awesome. The only reason why I don’t have Beats is due to pricing but I think how the company carries itself is cool and gives them an elite aura. So please rethink that last statement


  3. I’m personally not a fan of beats. They’re made of cheap plastic that breaks quite too easily, and they’re far too bass heavy.

    If anyone is looking for a good set of well balanced headphones, I’d go with on ear V-Moda M100’s. I’ve taken my M-80’s around the world twice, in temps ranging between -15 and 115, and slammed them on the ground more times than I can count. Plus you can put a mic boom on it and use it at a computer for gaming or VOIP.

    I’m pretty sure beats can’t do any of that. The plastic would probably melt, snap, or freeze.


    • While your post is accurate (I am also not a fan of beats), it completely ignores the purpose of this article. The Beats brand is a generally admired brand by the younger crowd. I worked at an Apple store at one point and we used to say that Beats are great for making a fashion statement, but not much else. However, some people care more about the fashion than the functionality.


  4. Jerry Donel says:

    The answer is very simple, HOT SHOTS! Students don’t own Beats anything, because the prices are absurd! And after Apple throws away $3 Billion, very few other people are going to own that crap either. Since when does hip-hop nonsense define Apple? Give me a break!