This fall, Apple is expected to unwrap two next-generation iPhones with larger displays: a 4.7-inch model and a 5.5-inch higher-end “phablet” variant. While the 4.7-inch model has had physical mockups floating around the web for the past few months, parts or shells for a 5.5-inch model have not been seen until now. Sonny Dickson has sent us photos of a 5.5-inch iPhone 6 physical “dummy” mockup in the Space Gray color (above and below), and he has posted photos of a white and gold model on Twitter:

The design of this larger model essentially appears to be a larger version of the 4.7-inch design. Coming from an iPhone 5s, the design appears notably thinner and includes a new antenna cut design and no glass on the rear. The camera LED flash appears to lose the pill shape from the 5s’s True-Tone sensor and the power button has been re-located to the right hand side of the phone. The only difference on the 5.5-inch model that we can spot is the addition of a new hole (microphone?) on the top of the front glass near the FaceTime camera, but this could just be an error in the production of these dummy units.

You can see two more shots of the black/Space Gray model directly above. Again, these are dummy models likely manufactured by resellers or case makers and are not photos of an actual, fully produced next-generation iPhone.

Besides larger displays, we’re hearing that the new iPhones will include a more efficient A8 processor for improved battery life. Apple is currently testing larger displays with a sharper resolution of 1704 x 960, and you can bet that they’ll both come pre-loaded with Apple’s new iOS 8 mobile operating system. Apple will likely take to the stage to unveil the new phones at some point in September, and you can expect new iPads and the “iWatch” to be unveiled at another event within the same fall timeframe.

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54 Responses to “Photos: Purported physical mockups of black and gold 5.5-inch iPhone 6s compared to 4.7-inch model”

  1. royabbink says:

    In black you don’t really notice the weird lines. Black looks good!

  2. irelandjnr says:

    Guys, these are mockups. Just remember that.

    • Yes , so far all we’ve seen are mockups so the chances that these have the final ID & CMF are low. So for the time being we can only guess if these are based on genuine leaked drawings, or they could be a total red herring altogether.
      Interestingly there have been absolutely no leaks so far on the iwatch design, so it raises the question if they can keep the iwatch under wraps, why not the same for iphone 6?
      Kinda hoping there’s still a big reveal ahead for the iphone.

      • supermanx86 says:

        Who says for sure that the iwatch it’s already in production

      • Everyone expected the iPhone 6 as soon as the 5 came out, soo why hide it if they know it’s coming?
        Most first release on a new product never show officially until few weeks before it’s announced, we may see it before then but it wasn’t “officially” announced, so it leaves what we saw a ‘prototype’ or ‘mockup’ and it makes us doubt what we saw, when in the end it is what it was.

    • Obviously no one can say for sure as Apple haven’t commented. But the signs are all there for a fall release.

  3. oreomuncher says:

    The whit lines are growing on me :l I was exactly the same with the glass on the 5 mind you.

  4. shaheryargs says:

    Gold version doesn’t look good like the 5s one.
    And of course in my opinion these are just dummires

  5. mpias3785 says:

    Looks like plastic to me. Mockups of the 5/5s suggested aluminum, glass or ceramic. Not that I have anything against plastic, all case materials have their advantages and disadvantages, but if it does turn out to be some sort of synthetic resin (aka, Plastic) a lot of purists will be bitching.

  6. dafthunk says:

    There’s a lot of wasted space above and below the screen. It looks like the phone will be huge comparative to the screen size. If you look at some of the newer phones out like the LG g3 or the Note 3 which I have, the bezels are small and they’ve minimized the space above and below the screen. I’ll definitely check out the iPhone 6 when it’s release, but these mock ups aren’t very encouraging.

  7. This will be my next phone. I’m happy that the 5.5 version finally has some validity.

  8. I think the design of the 5-series makes sense, but as the size increases on these devices, it does make logical sense that it needs to be more rounded and the power button should be on the size, etc. In getting rid of the glass on the back, rounding the edges, etc… it has somewhat forced those antenna lines. While they may appear ugly, their function will make us for it. I also wonder (just wonder) if those lines are more than antenna lines. Could they also contain sensors for that feed into Health? Just a wild thought…

  9. iPhone 6 I really hope you mantain squared edges instead of the rounded edges I have been hearing about.

  10. RP says:

    Antenna-Gate II, Band-Gate. Ohh the humanity!

  11. Zach Saville says:

    I hate the power button on the side

  12. danbridgland says:

    No sign of the protruding camera in these dummies, unlike those blue prints we saw a few months back.

  13. charismatron says:

    The design problem for Apple is apparent: how do you improve on greatness?

    I like the lines, they’re new, they’re different, they’re taking the look of the phones in an entirely new direction.
    Sticking with the design you know is stagnation and, obviously, the opposite of forward thinking.

    So, unless it’s design that is disruptive of functionality it’s always a risk breaking off from what’s trusted and liked. A risk to fans, a risk to aesthetics, a risk for the whole brand. My personal favourite is the 4/4S design: it’s drop-dead gorgeous, but even that wasn’t destined to last forever.

    No one likes change for the sake of change alone, and that’s not what this is. It’s change that’s pushing forward the design of Apple products–of its most iconic product–and it’s an exciting new step into a completely new direction.

    • jorge1170x says:

      Wow. You have been perfectly programmed…Apple finally drops the design ball and you stretch and contort reality until you see the opposite of what is in your head. Then share your thesis with the world as some kind of defense of the great and noble king. All companies would love to have a customer/parishioner like you.

  14. The only reason I could go for the 5.5 is expected battery life.

    My 5s’ battery life sucks (1 1/2 day tops) and I’m not a heavy user. Maybe 10 mins of calls and 30 mins of browsing each day, plus the occasional check on social media and emails.

    My reasoning is that my iPad mini retina (wifi only) has a lot more battery life to it. We’re talking days. If it wasn’t so bulky (for pocketability) and it had the GSM module in it, I’d have sold my iPhone ages ago.

    • You do realize that one reason your iPad mini retina (wifi only) has such great battery life is that it is wifi only so therefore it does not have to search for cellular signal. The extra battery size is the main roll but also the signal searching has a lot to do with it. Turn on your iPhone’s airplane mode and ONLY connect to wifi and watch how long it last ;) I’ve done it and its about a week or so.

  15. mustafa1429 says:

    From the side, the lines don’t look bad at all (especially in the black ones) but from the back, they’re kinda weird.

  16. Why not just make the screen go edge to edge on the width?

  17. tigerpork says:

    The antenna bands wouldn’t look so bad if Apple blend it more with the color of the iphone. Which I think they will do that.

  18. sdlifer says:

    i can’t wait to get one. I think I want the gold one this time :) ive always gotten black

  19. Remember guys – its only a phone/computer; the general phone buying public will simply not indulge in the nit-picking we in this forum do. Its now a nice BIG phone like all the other top class phones, and will sell because of that.

  20. Al Pacino says:

    And where the logo Apple and inscriptions?This is FAKE so it will not look like an iPhone!!!

    Chinese have already them in a sales!!!


  21. With the new iPhone 6 coming out I better sell my old iPhone before the value of it drops. I usually search 14 different sites to find the best offer. But I just found this site called RecomHub that compares all the buy back companies and shows you their prices.

    It’s like kayak but for electronics, super cool. It’s http://www.recomhub.com

  22. this looks yukh!!! i was gonna ditch android for iphone 6. but if apple releases this piece of junk, i will never buy it

  23. Why would Apple use the slate grey from the iPhone 5 and not the space grey from the 5s ?

  24. Carlos Shabo says:

    they are so ugly, i really hope they dont look like that.

  25. It appears the screen protrudes from the metal chassis a bit… I’m wondering if this is a factor if it not being a production unit and only a dummy model or if the final version will have the screen sit slightly above the chassis? I’m hoping the screen is level with the chassis and not raised.

  26. mpias3785 says:

    I doubt these mockups are accurate representations of the final product. There’s no Apple logo, the ring surrounding home button on the large version is the wrong color, the flash opening can’t accommodate two LEDs and the camera apertures are two different sizes. In short, the lines don’t look very Ive-like, it looks more like a guess than something based on actual production.

  27. Why mock-up in black and not space gray?

  28. Looks like a cross between an M7 (Al uni with plastic seams) and the G2 (rounded edges. You iPhone sheeple are idiots paying the Apple “premium” for the privelage of using 2012 technology at 2016 flagship prices.

    Gee. You’re getting 4.7″ screens four years after Android.

    How you could still use right up to the 5s with it’s 4″ screen (like 2010’s G2x) is an embarrassment and shameful on Apple, but mainly you for lapping it up. Idiots. lol.

  29. “subpar” designs? please. iPhones are the most beloved cell phones because ivy can design circles around you. every, single, time.

  30. jorge1170x says:

    Can’t wait to see the disappointment on your little girl’s face in a couple of months.