Last night Apple TV users started seeing a new channel icon for Netflix as the company recently updated its logo, and today both the iPhone and iPad versions of the Netflix apps were updated to version 6.0 which includes the new design.

The updates to both Apple TV and the iPhone and iPad apps don’t bring much else aside from the new logo and slight design tweaks, but the iOS apps do include bug fixes and faster video playback according to Netflix.

The Netflix channel update on Apple TV should be available without any software updates, and the latest version of Netflix for iPhone and iPad is available today on the App Store

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4 Responses to “Netflix updates its Apple TV and iOS apps with design refresh”

  1. Reblogged this on Taste of Apple and commented:
    It’s a petty nice refreshed design. A bit jarring at first, but I like it.


  2. PMZanetti says:

    iOS app seems marginally better. The playback interface is still their own, and still horrible. Still adaptive quality only, with no ability to force HD quality (but we all know why, not entirely their fault).

    Haven’t tested AppleTV yet.


  3. Was hoping for auto play next episode on Apple TV…maybe one day.


  4. I hope they add the ability to blame the ISP by name!