Mac Otakara has posted a video it says is of the actual back of the 4.7-inch model of the iPhone 6, contrasting it with much simpler mockups.

While there’s no way to assess whether the part is genuine, it certainly looks convincing. The many mockups floating around are essentially featureless inside, but this appears to have the detail of the real thing. If it’s a hoax, it’s an extremely elaborate one … 

Here’s a cleaned-up close-up of the inside:


We’ve previously seen claimed photos of both the front and back of the iPhone 6, but this is the first time we’ve seen video.

Chinese site is also claiming that the 4.7-inch model will come in only two options, 32GB and 64GB, while the 5.5-inch model will add the option of 128GB. The site echoes an earlier report from Deutsche Telekom that Apple is finally dropping the 16GB entry-level option on the new phones.

While dropping the 16GB tier would certainly make sense, and is something I’ve previously suggested Apple might do, we’re viewing the rumor with some caution for now.

There does, though, seem to be growing evidence that the smaller and larger iPhone 6 models will differ in more than just physical size, an earlier KGI report suggesting that the 5.5-inch model will get optical image stabilization while the 4.7-inch model may not.

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31 Responses to “Video of claimed actual iPhone 6 back emerges alongside storage size rumors”

  1. Reblogged this on Taste of Apple and commented:
    Looks convincing enough. I honestly hope they offer the 128 GB option with the smaller model. I am going to wait to see both when they are released to assess whether he 5.5 inch version will be too big.

  2. george264 says:

    Amazingly, the design has grown on me. I still would prefer just 2 straight lines like the HTC One. Still, it looks pretty good. I hope the rumors are false and that the 4.7 has all of the features of the 5.5. 5 inches is the biggest i accept in a phone so I’ll get 4.7. The G2 is the only exception and the M8 is manageable. The Moto X is the perfect size but it doesn’t look like Apple took away the bezels so 5.5 seems as big as the Note 3, and that’s way too big imo

  3. PMZanetti says:

    iPad Air and iPad mini w/ Retina Display have little to no feature disparity, while and size and price differentiate the models.

    I’m hoping the same is true for iPhone 6 line. However, it would make some sense if the 5.5 has certain features that couldn’t be packed into such a small form factor of the 4.7. The Optical Image Stabilization that we heard about is a great example and makes perfect sense. I’m sure there is a long list of hardware features that Apple has, that all fall under the category of, “If only we could fit this in a 4″ phone.”…some of that might be liberated moving to a 4.7 and especially a 5.5.

    I am getting the feeling that the 5.5″ device is going to be Pro/Powerhouse iPhone, and a lot of geeks (myself included) are gonna want one.

  4. It’s just so bloody ugly. I can’t stand how ugly it is. It is not growing on me, those thick antenna bands just look poor; they just do.

    • chrisl84 says:

      Nonsense, your opinion was developed from blurry leaks and inaccurate artist renderings. The finished product will look refined and classy. Stop crying over the appearance a product youve never seen.

      • He can’t have his own opinion? Those antenna bands look bad, real bad, really can’t imagine Apple release something that looks like this.

      • chrisl84 says:

        Appleiphone6nl….no someone can not have an opinion on the appearance something that they have never seen. Thats the definition of nonsense. To say something that has never been shown to you is “not growing on you” is absurd

      • thathang3 says:

        Chris that is BS, what do you mean ‘not seen’? It’s right there in the video! He’s basing his opinion on that video, like everyone in this thread.
        I could turn this around and say: stop defending a design that hasn’t been released yet!

      • chrisl84 says:

        Ok, bookmarking this thread to comment back in two months to remind you people how much more polished the finished product presented by Apple really is. And maybe then you wont say that some crappy renders from amateur internet tools “arent growing on you” any more.

    • craigkocher says:

      Most people will end up just putting a case over it anyway. I think I’ve taken my iPhone 5 out of my case twice this year.

    • True michael it looks bad. 5-5S look classy. Can it be a step down for apple in design? HTC m7 m8 looks class apart. I hope it looks better when i see it.

  5. As I was suspecting/hoping, those antenna lines on the back (which I’m still not a fan of) look less ugly blended into the black model which is very likely the model I’ll be looking to get.

  6. What happened to the two-tone flash? That’s just a circle….

  7. Tim Jr. says:

    My prediction..

    4.7″ in 32GB and 64GB ($650 and $700 respectively)
    5.5″ in 64GB and 128GB ($750 and $800 respectively)

    They just updated the iPods and they bump $50 for every jump in space now.. not $100..

    BTW: The above matches perfectly with the rumors of 128GB 5.5″ and $100 more as premium.. makes sense even more now with the release of the iPods kind of confirming the new pricing scheme for space upgrades.

    Guess we’ll see…

    • Unfortunately that would be a dream come true, but try at least $900 and $1000 if a 64GB and 128GB are released on the iPhone 5.5.

    • bb1111116 says:

      The old iPod Touch prices were not $100 for the memory bump;
      $229 16GB
      $299 32GB
      or $70 for memory bump.
      So, the iPod Touch was always on different price levels compared with the iPhone.

      * My guess about the iPhone 6 pricing is;
      – 4.7″ 32 GB $650; 64GB $750
      – 5.5″ 32 GB $750; 64GB $850; 128GB $950
      The iPhone 6 levels might be slightly lower than that but the iPhone pricing was not the same as the old iPod Touch.

  8. dvinder42 says:

    Love the dramatic music. :)

  9. Looks better than the mock-ups. Thought there was an outside shot of it being made of LiquidMetal but obviously not. This thing is going to slip out of my hand like crazy.

  10. rettun1 says:

    Well if this new iPod update is any indication, I’d say the storage increments will only increase by $50. That would be very welcome, seeing as many people can by SD cards on the cheap

    • rettun1 says:

      Also, I think the model in this video looks better than what we’ve seen. Lines are less noticeable, and there is something interesting the camera. Seems bigger or something….

      I also got excited when I saw the Apple logo was black, but it was just due to shadows… Dag

  11. Jeffrey Vest says:

    Probably “the site echoes an earlier report”, not “easier”.

  12. jigsaw4life says:

    I’m calling all these renders of the 4.7 and 5.5 the lower cost model, 6c perhaps. I would be highly disappointed if this is what the premium models looked like. I don’t want to pay almost a grand for an iPod touch entry-level looking device. I feel they will release a premium 4.7in phone with a much nicer design and the 5s will be used as well as a lower priced/free (with contract) device keeping the same screen size for people not happy with larger screens. I highly doubt apple will give the 5.5 exclusive features/hardware. They have said they like the one handed use. So making a huge (5.5in) phone might not be something they would care to use but would satisfy some people. I feel a lot more people would want the smaller two devices than the 5.5

  13. 128gb is not enough. Today’s technology makes it possible to have 500GB and 1TB. Now that would be cool.

  14. on the strength of this video It amazes me how apple can go from the beautifully crafted iPhone 5s to what is rumoured to be the hideous looking iPhone 6. I for one seriously hope these are not the finished article as apple is capable of making some of the most gorgeous phones on the market and is one of the things that sets them apart from the other manufactures.