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As we reported two weeks ago and again yesterday, Apple has today launched its Back to School promotion for this school season. Like previous years, qualifying student customers will get a free gift card alongside any purchase of a Mac, iPad or iPhone. While last year Apple gave out Mac App Store/iTunes cards, this year’s cards are for Apple Retail Stores.

Buying any Mac makes the buyer eligible for a $100 Apple Store gift card and $50 cards will be distributed alongside iPads and iPhones.

Interested students can buy any Mac (except for the Mac Mini), or any iPad or iPhone currently on sale at the Apple Store, to be eligible for the promotion. Students can also receive education discount pricing where applicable, alongside the gift card giveaway.

Back to School runs from today until September 9th and available in many regions, including the United States, Canada, the UK and many other countries in Europe.

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8 Responses to “Apple launches 2014 Back to School promotion: $100 Apple Store gift cards with Macs, $50 with iPad/iPhone”

  1. “the UK and many countries in Europe”
    they may like it or not, the UK is part of the continent called Europe ;-)


  2. Do you know if this applies for grade school students?


  3. Just spoke with a customer care representative @ Apple. I purchased a brand new 13″ mpb w/rd with an education discount 7 days ago. Gave me the option of (1.) returning purchase & buying again to receive gift card today or (2.) they will send me a promo code for $100 discount in 3 weeks via email. I choose what was behind door #2. Looks like a new carry bag is in my near future.


  4. rafterman11 says:

    Why not Mac mini for the school promotion, say for $50?


  5. “Buying any Mac makes the buyer eligible for a $100 Apple Store gift card” Not correct, refurbished macs are excluded :(