As Samsung has done with past TV commercials for its flagship Galaxy S5, its latest ad for the device again takes the iPhone head-on. The new ad, titled “Wall Hugger”, focuses on mocking the iPhone’s battery life while showing off the S5’s Ultra Power Saving Mode and removable battery features. And in usual Samsung-fashion, it also borrows a line from comments Blackberry executive John Chen made back in March… 

It’s certainly not the first time Samsung has gone after Apple directly in its commercials. In a recent TV spot from April for the Galaxy S5, Samsung took shots at the iPhone’s camera and display size and it’s done the same for Galaxy tablet marketing using iPads. This time around Samsung doesn’t go for a full side-by-side comparison with the iPhone, but it does mention the iPhone by name in the new commercial.

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118 Responses to “Samsung borrows a line from BlackBerry, calls iPhone users ‘Wall Huggers’ in new ad”

  1. good ad :) and before anyone says anything i’m an iPhone user never had android, battery is a huge problem for when you’re travelling, that is handy to have a spare battery and the power saving as well

    • Removable batteries are for ignorant companies, as the simplicity and seamlessness of no removable parts is always 100% better. Luckily if you have any intelligence you know where to find the innumerable battery cases for the iPhone, or external batteries for which to get you into you to your 24 hour mark when you decide to stay up all day that 20 times in your life.

      • I agree it makes the phone cheap, clunky, and all of the horrible attributes of Shamsung devices.

      • dksmidtx says:

        You have got to be kidding. Questioning someone else’s intelligence when you prove his point (that battery life is poor) because of the wealth of battery cases that you cite. I’ve been an iPhone owners since day one, but even I know the battery life is poor at best. Apple trades on the fact that the iPhone is desirably thin, yet users are forced to double that thickness with one of your vaunted battery cases, or hug the power outlets as in the commercial. Truth hurts…

      • @dksmidtx,

        And yet I never see these people hugging power outlet’s, just the Android folks who have removable batteries. Seriously? Ever heard of defective batteries? It does happen, and if it does, the owner is responsible to address it by going back to Apple and saying give me a new unit, which they GLADLY do. Try doing that with Samsung, they’ll kick you out the first three tries, and then on the fourth, they’ll finally agree, but take the phone away from you and won’t give you a new one for 3-4 weeks.

    • Sorry, but removal batteries got retired back in 2007, and should stay there. Only Android dinosaurs still cling to this notion the device is crap if the battery is non-removable. Like smoothies mentions, building a sealed device can yield higher build quality and smaller footprint, and with the advent of really good, small external battery packs, only Android has to suffer with this legacy stigma.

      • Ok, you are talking about smaller footprint and say about external battery packs? Either with a external battery pack or a case you still have something bigger… and with removable battery I can just change it at hotel in afternoon while get the other charging with a external charger.. no need to bring something else with me

  2. John Molloy says:

    Kind of true if you ignore the plethora of battery cases for the iPhone.

  3. Nah, I still see S5 users wall hugging at airport’s power charging stations.

  4. That’s kind of funny since I use my iPhone through out the day an still usually have at least 30-40% by the end of the day, but I’m constantly seeing my co workers hanging by the plugs with whatever android phone they have plugged in. but look how big my screen is they say. lol

    • Ain’t that the truth! I always have at LEAST 50% of my battery remaining after the average work day, and even when travelling, you’ll never see me crowding around a power plug at an airport. Android users and PC laptop owners on the other hand are always cowering for a plug, quite sad.

      • Exactly this commercial is so misleading. Also the main target audience here is iPhone users which Samsung paints as stupid and ignorant so how would you expect them to buy that product. It makes no sense to me.

      • man ur one of the biggest Fanboys I’ve ever seen must be an American. i currently have an HTC one M8 and there absolutely no doubt that the Battery is better there, i had an iPhone and it got me through my Workday but the HTC gets me through 2 with the same usage. Thats a fact. Sorry but defending a Company for a problem that is known an reported by journalist and almost every iPhone user is nothing but stupid. The Battery on iPhone is sad, absolutely no discussion thats a given.

      • @Plava,

        I take offence at being called an American. I’m from Canada.

        I’ve used my iPhone 5S for up to 3 days on a single charge, with moderate use. I’ve said it a few times here, likely the iPhone you had (and those other people have here that are complaining about the battery) have a defective battery. It happens, and just needs to be addressed. If the owner doesn’t even try to raise this to Apple, then it’s their fault and they can live with it. Go cry to someone else.

        And as far as mentioning journalists, please. Journalists have been calling Apple a doomed, dead company every year, for years now. Journalistic integrity and ethics have all but completely eroded these days, so the LAST people I tend to trust is a journalist, or even worse, blogger, which is typically paid off by one company to bad mouth another.

      • haha yeah 5 iPhones and all got defective Battery. You maybe you can drive it 3 days then the HTC one M8 could drive it 6 days with your use. Battery is shit on iPhone everyone who can think and is not a blind Fanboy would see that.

      • What! When I had my iPhone 5 and 5s my biggest complaint was battery. I would start my day at about 7 and end it at about 10 and my battery would be at about 1-5% at that time. It barely made it through the day. If I used my phone too much it wouldn’t make it. I gave my wife my 5s to try out android again and try android wear. I got an HTC One M8 and this thing is a beast. Same schedule but at 10pm it is at 30% and that is with heavy usage. I love both OS’s and devices and will probably pick up a 5/5c as a backup device for development.

      • You’re still American. You’re just not ‘Murican.

  5. myke2241 says:

    maybe because the average Android user doesn’t really fully utilize their phone. where iPhone users tend to be more productive.


    • Nice try stating your opinion as fact but you forget often times what takes 1 or 2 steps on Android often takes 5 or 6 on ios I know because I have used both Platforms Extensively.( Many Android Flagships and iphone 5 and 5s for at least a month each)

      I honestly can’t do too much on an iphone productive, accept maybe take some photos or set reminders. The screen for one is too dang small. Now give me an ipad Air than yes thats better but even then Android is more Like a Desktop OS in that it has File System and the freedom of a desktop to do what you want without rooting or jailbreaking and even more with rooting.

      • Yes, it takes longer changing your wallpaper and adding cutesy little graphics and widgets to your phone, or even going into your phone’s root directory.

        But all of that can hardly be called doing something “productive.”

        The only productive things you can do on smartphones require apps. And no, it doesn’t take any more steps to use an app on an iPhone than it does an Android phone. And, as we all really and truly know, the quality of apps on the iPhone is simply greater.

        And on a side note, too, rooting Android phones is far more time-consuming and frustrating than jailbreaking simply because of the culture behind Android VS iOS.

      • Can I quote you on that? (I’m doing a blog post about this)

        _____________________________ Adrian Edwards


    • frankman91 says:

      What is this based on? That is a really poor blanket statement.

  6. towamp says:

    according to the ad, for every 50-60 iPhone users there are 3-4 Samsung S5 users.

    • LOL! No kidding, this ad is actually free advertising for Apple! Samsung fails again!

    • acrdan says:

      That was the strongest message I got from the ad. iPhones are everywhere!

    • spiralynth says:

      @towamp – Indeed. Well played, sir.

      The colossal desperation in these types of ads is just embarrassing. I don’t own a single Samsung product (just never happened to buy one) and this type of ad simply guarantees that I’ll make sure to go out of my way to avoid anything from that brand. Well done, Samsung. Well done.

      • I agree, I hate when copycats like Samsung are bashing me and choices I make. For that reason I vote with my wallet and their products are banned from my household. Last product of theirs just died (50″ TV) and replacement one will be by somebody else.

  7. Graham J says:

    If there ever a chance I would switch to Sammy’s cheap plastic devices, there isn’t now.

  8. My iPhone battery lasts more thN a full day… Just sayin… Not what what you would call light use either…

  9. This is adorable since Android’s batteries usually stop holding a charge after about 6-8 months. Meanwhile My iPhone 4S still keeps 50% battery after a 12-hour day of normal to heavy use.

  10. nelmat says:

    Well, battery life on iOS devices does suck – it’s pretty appalling, and personally worse for me on the 5S than the 4S – battery life on my samsung phone was massively better and this is an issue that Apple seriously need to address – don’t shave off another 2mm, give us a full day off a single charge please!

  11. As usual…the cheap samesong strategy. In your face stupidity.

    • Eli Matar says:

      It wasn’t that cheap when Apple did it with the “Hello, Im a PC” campaign, right?
      Im sick of the iSheep.

      • jrox16 says:

        No, it wasn’t, because those “I’m a PC” commercials didn’t blatantly insult and make fun of USERS, it made fun of the PC itself. The actors in those old commercials symbolized the hardware, there was no direct mocking of the competition’s users and fans. Apple has never made fun of actual people in their ads the way Shitsung does constantly without any class.

        But what do you expect from a second rate company which gets customers just from marketing? Samsung now out markets everyone by large margins, including Apple. The HTC M8 is worlds better than a Galaxy (even according to every review), but HTC doesnt sell nearly as many because they can’t afford to smear the landscape with as many ads as Samsung.

        Samsung put old fingerprint scanning tech, which barely works according to every review, into their new flagship as a quick and dirty “me too” since they got caught with their pants down on that one to the iPhone 5S. I guess Samsung doesn’t think their own users are very smart trying to pass that joke of a scanner off as anything remotely as advance and effective as Touch ID. And still just using off the shelf 32-bit CPUs… It’s amazing how behind Samsung is.

  12. tgxcyan says:

    this is true, coming from an iPhone user all my life. Apple really need to bump up the battery life for iPhone that many people have been asking for ages!

  13. I don’t know ANYONE who would buy a second battery to carry around, just the idea of having to take the battery out to pop in another one… turn on the device, unlock the sim card… that’s beyond ridiculous.

  14. I have to admit, while the analogy may have been borrowed from Blackberry, their professionalism certainly wasn’t. This is a below-the-belt, insulting, and down right upsetting ad. Go to ANY airport and you’ll see mostly it’s the Android and PC laptop owners who are crowding around the precious few power plugs at the departure lounges.

    Samsung is once again lying thru it’s crooked teeth and needs to STFU.

    • dksmidtx says:

      Wow, it is just amazing how so many fanboys on this site take personal insult at what is a humorous, and accurate, advertisement – and that comes form an iPhone user from first release – at least I can recognize the warts…

      • BS, it’s misleading, insulting to owners of iPhone as it personally attacks them, and depicts us as people with no life, being denied the simples things. If you don’t take insult it, then go with the plastic crowd.

    • Funny How you think this was Wrong but I’m sure you Chuckled at Tim Cook and Company at WWDC when they harped on Android and Android users like they were inferior with very broad statements lacking any true context.

      • ziongpham says:

        There is no example of Tim Cook ever saying that. Apple always says it’s Adroid false promises, which my father encounters all the time.

  15. The sad truth is: if you want a phone with a battery that last a full day with some use you must buy an old Nokia phone.

    • True, or an old Blackberry. Both those brands were famous for batteries that never died. While we’ve watched every other piece of technology in phones advance, the battery has seemingly stood still over the last decade.

      I remember a while back Toshiba was toying with fuel cell batteries that increased life by 10x and decreased charge times by half, yet I never hear about this tech any more. If Apple puts this into an iPhone, the competition is toast, and the consumer benefits.

  16. Oh wow.. Phone wars are worse than console wars or at least equal.

    • Worse. At least with consoles there are less variables. This idiocy of who has the better battery is at best inane and at worst foolishly stupid. How long a battery last is so heavily dependent upon what the person using the device does with it that to speak of battery life as if it is some universal metric is pointless. I can use my iPhone all day in the town where I work and have upwards of 60% of my battery left. By the same token I can go to the lake in the country and have the battery be shot before the day is done because the phone expends so much energy looking for a cell signal that is spotty. And my relatives Android phones do the same thing.

      The only truth stated here is that if companies wouldn’t worry so much about the weight and size of their phones then battery life would be better, but that is also a half-truth. The vast majority of consumers are buying their phones based on the weight and thickness not the battery life. As long as the battery is as good as, meaning not really much worse than, my last phone then they will buy the thinner and lighter phone.

      And as for a swappable battery. That is a bit disingenuous. For that to mean anything means that a person has to carry an extra battery, and what is really the difference between that and using any of the myriad of USB chargers or battery cases? None. And for the person who states that the existence of battery cases proves that iPhone batteries are terrible, consider that Samsung also admits then that their battery life is terrible since they felt the need to make a removable battery in this day and age.

      As usual this is all mostly meaningless advertising speak.

      • Well said. I’ve observed the same for many years with all phones and the kind of coverage. A big variable for me with Android phones has been run away apps that burn out the battery while it is in my pocket. I had to get a special app to do cleanup and run that periodically or else I can find my battery down to 50% and the phone hot after a couple hours.

      • You speak the truth my friend.

        I’m a minimal user when it comes to my iPhone; Meaning when I’m outdoors I only use it for Music/Spotify/Calls/Messages and maybe check social media 2 times a day. So for me, my iPhone lasts all day and when I get home I still have about 30-50% battery left. (50% screen brightness)

        I’m happy with the current battery life of my iPhone 5s and a increase in battery life will not appeal as much to me as it will for heavy/moderate phone users.

        So if a s5 user comes to me and brag about the battery life, features, graphics, speed etc, I don’t care. It’s not my main concern when it comes to Phones. I want my phone functional, simple and I want it to communicate with my Mac & Apple TV without 3rd party apps. Which is why I love iPhones and I will for a very long time.

  17. I own a z10 which drove me to get an iphone it has worse battery life than the 5s

  18. i have had many iPhones and android powered phones, including the Galaxy S4. to be honest i get better battery life from my 5s than i did with my nexus 5 or s4.

  19. I’ve never seen anyone with a battery case for an iPhone, but I have seen people with them for Galaxy S4s along with spare batteries because on those, they last about a year tops.

    Not to mention charging a droid phone takes hours whereas on an iPhone charge it’s 20-40 minutes from dead depending on which charging block you have.

    Makes me lol

    • I’ve got a Mophie case for my iPhone 5s for travel. I know about a dozen (yes, really) people that have them, too. A droid phone has a bigger battery, so OF COURSE it takes longer to charge. Same principle for why iPads take longer to charge… they have way bigger batteries. Kind of like filling up the gas tank in a tiny car vs an SUV. Also, iPhones really only charge at 1% per minute from what I’ve seen, so you must have some super powered outlets.

    • ziongpham says:

      I had a Mophi case once and after sometime stopped using it. Even on the 4S it was enough. Of course I’m not typically a heavy user.

  20. I’m a diehard Apple fan, but there’s a lot of truth to this commercial. I’d say I use my phone a moderate amount (which I realize is subjective) through the day at 50% screen brightness and I’m usually under 30% by the time I get home. A bigger battery would be awesome, but most people want their phones to be super thin. A removable battery would be incredible because you could have 2 spares while traveling. Apple would probably never do it, unfortunately, as they’ve historically been anti-people-messing-with-internals. At any rate, this commercial is great because it calls out a flaw and might pressure the powers that be to fix a problem.

    The real issue to me is that the Android OS just doesn’t look as good and I would rather carry a battery backup and use something that’s got a more pleasing UI. Also- maybe get off your phones and enjoy the real world? That’s an option, too!

    • You miss the Point of one of the Huge Advantages of Android over ios, if you don’t like the look you can easily change it without having to root your device using countless customizable launchers, icons packs, themes custom UCCW and Zooper Widgets ect

      Check out shows you the full potential of widgets and customizing on android.

      Also don’t Confuse Samsung’s Skinned Touchwiz as Android, because true Android as google intended is on nexus devices and Android L is a major update coming this Fall looks way better than ios 7 with a major redesign with something called “Material Design”

      just go through all the menus on this site

      It’s Google’s design Guidelines for Devs to prepare them for Android L this fall.

      Also a word of Advice don’t knock something until you have lived with it I gave ios 2 chances with the iphone 5 and 5s used both for at least a month each. Sure they are nice devices but not the best imo.

  21. scumbolt2014 says:

    Fuck ScamScum and their nut huggers.

  22. The Samsung ads had missed one important point…iPhone users are power user who do more with their devices and it is lot less tedious than a Samsung..the argument of Samsung is invalid in that way..

  23. Francisco PO says:

    Its a samsung commercial but all I seen was iPhones hahaha, hater give you promo

  24. Ivan Ski says:

    Unfortunately the ‘Ultra Power Saving Mode’ offering the S5 battery extension basically gimps your phone to Nokia 3210!?


    • frankman91 says:

      It takes a phone with less than an hour of batter remaining and gives you another 24 with texting and calling with a touch of a button. Why exactly is that a bad feature to have? It’s not like you are forced to use it, but in a pinch you can keep your phone alive.

      It’s also great for situations like camping where you are not using your phone for a few days but would like to have it on and alive in case family is trying to reach you in an emergency.

      And for the record, at the time, I loved rockin my Nokia 7k series.

  25. Samsung probably has some valid points. At least you can change batteries in mostly any Samsung smartphone. However, Apple users have solutions such as a Mophie Juice Pack to avoid such problems by doubling battery life. Every smartphone has some deficiency or strong point that can be pointed out. Apple’s iPhone is certainly no exception. If battery life is a problem then so be it. If Apple made their iPhones a bit thicker it would probably alleviate that problem quite a bit.

    • nice to know one apple fan understands the concept of being “objective” Thank you Sir, nothing more annoying than fanboys who can’t admit that their beloved devices isn’t perfect.

      • ziongpham says:

        Bullshit. As an iPhone user I would love to see better battery life. But by no means this was a good commercial: most wall hungers (at least where I live) are PC laptop users and Android, feature phone, iPhone users. But the no. of iPhones is not too noticeably higher, remember iPhones are way too popular and this ad might be prying on the fallacy that many haters might in result see more iPhone wall hugers

      • ziongpham says:

        By the way Apple ads don’t insult users. Samsung (Microsoft and probably not other comp.) insult Apple users. Blatantly!

  26. There is one thing that this ad gets right: target audience.

    The people I know who are prodigious battery drainers are all ‘suits’ (regardless of whether they wear actual suits). I’ve seen a suit drain his phone and his Mophie by 10 am. Lots of suits I know carry some kind of additional battery with them, whether it’s attached to their phone, or something they can plug into for a charge.

    The target audience is a good fit; they’re pitching to people who probably already carry around some kind of spare battery. Whether the product lives up to their promise is a different discussion.

  27. Eli Matar says:

    They are right. My I never leave without and extra power.

  28. Samsung are clinging on for their lives & this is the best they can come up with. It’s laughable.

    Their add just amplifies the fact that Samsung users will need to carry multiple batteries to enable normal usage.

  29. First, I will say that I usually head out around 6:30a.m. with a fully charged iPhone, and am down to around 35% when I leave work at 4:30. I would say I use it pretty casually for text, some video, browsing, and a few minutes of games. I almost always charge it in the car on the way home. So take that as you will. As with the people who buy the battery cases for their iPhones, it’s not so much about the battery life as being prepared.

    Let’s face it: if you’re one of those “lucky” people who can replace their own battery, it implies you’ve invested in ANOTHER battery, right? Kind of the way iPhone users invest in charging cases.

    On the flip side, I will say that a co-worker of mine has the Galaxy S4 and had it plugged into his PC EVERY time he was at his desk. To be fair, I’m not sure what his charging habits were beyond that, so it’s unfair to judge his phone based solely on that observation, but he still noticed drastic drops in battery life even with their “ultra power-saving mode,” so let’s not jump to conclusions assuming Samsung phones are SO much better at battery life.

  30. james0328 says:

    Samsung logic: stealing users by bashing them first

  31. Funny. The point is that this sort of adverts do not do much. All smart phones are are power thirsty, as they do a lot more than dumb phones. The advert’s irony is that if Samsung phones’ batteries are that great, there should have been no need for “removable batteries” in the first instance. Most people I know with Samsung phones carry their charging units around and not spare batteries. My personal beef is not removable or permanent, but the lifespan of the batteries in each unit. I had to replace the batteries in my Samsung phones I had until late last year, every 2 years or so.

  32. Reading all these comments are actually quiet amusing. People get so emotional and riled up about samsung and apple. Constant complaints about the battery life on the iPhone, but i’ve had an android phone, and even in standby my battery drained out. I’ve had the 4s for 2 yrs and now the 5S and my battery is still pretty amazing. I unplug my phone at almost 6:45 every morning to head to work and am always back and forth in meetings, writing emails, researching, making calls, taking notes, playing solitaire or listening to music. I have an extra plug at my desk so i normally plug in around 2 when I’m back in the office and then again at 4 just to charge until 5. then I’m out and about until 10-11pm with my second business and my phone battery is still good and charged. So i really wanna know what you all are doing with your phones thats killing your battery that bad. I too have a mophie power pack in my laptop bag as a just in case but thats hardly ever used unless I’m traveling. who has time to be hugged up at some wall? this video is highly misleading as the battery life on android phones is dreadful, thats why they need an extra battery. everything on those phones are always running unless your force closing or task managing hourly, yet they don’t want to show that? as much as i love apple my entire family has samsungs so i hear all the constant complaints so you can pretty up the phone all you want and make it water resistant its still filled with tons of bugs and glitches. my iPhone just works. so if i have to sacrifice a little battery life for a functional and productive phone…. so be it.

  33. Well samsung hugs apple here. Not only does that thing look like a plastic variant of the 2007 iphone generating billions for samsung due to apple’s R&D, but their entire marketing campaign since forever is based on apple (and bashing the very users they try to convert)

    • whatyoutalkingboutwillis says:

      In what way does the s5 look like a plastic version of the original iPhone? And wouldn’t you try and steal market share from your main competitors if you had a business?

  34. To be honest I mostly see droid users hugging walls or begging for a power cord like a homeless person.
    Charging and User usage is solely up to the User of the phone, it sounds like to me you have poor management skills if you have fallen into the category the commercial describes.

  35. Samsung once again is a copy cat- even in it’s advertising

  36. For all of Samsung’s chants of superiority they continue to recognize Apple as a threat.

    And if removable batteries are the cornerstone to a great phone I suppose we’ll soon see ads chiding Lumia and HTC for having sealed devices.

  37. Awesome commercial Samsung. You showed that 90% of the users in the commercial still chose iPhone over Samsung, even if you believe the battery to be worse. Well done.

  38. dafthunk says:

    I find swappable batteries awesome. As a frequent traveller it’s great being able to swap out the battery and be on 100% again. I don’t want to have an external charger dangling from my phone as I try to use it, nor do I like cases and even worse a thick battery case! I can be out all day taking photos and videos, get back to the accommodation swap out the battery and put the dead one in a wall charger. Out I go on 100% and the other is charging back up. Even carrying around a spare battery when you’re going to need the extra power is thinner/smaller and for me a way better solution than a battery case or charger. Tell me how that is not convenient? I’ll take a look at the iPhone 6, but battery life would have to be amazing to pull me away. Apple apologists are so mad!

  39. Noah Brown says:

    free promotion for the iPhone, and they don’t even know it!! all those people in the commercial (more than samsung owners by the way) have the iPhone for reasons other than the battery.

  40. herb02135go says:

    All the anecdotes from the scared-shitless crApple fangirls is very entertaining- nearly as much as this very accurate commercial.

    What’s undesputable is the fact that the S5 has a great power-saving mode and a removable battery. The ad doesn’t even mention the larger screen size or the plethora of features that iPhone may have in the future.

    Whine on, fans!

  41. Why are there so many hemorrhoid fanbois in here anyway?

    • rafalb177 says:

      Yeah. I’ve noticed that Haemorrhoid fanbois love reading about iPhone and then writing comments about it. They just can’t enjoy their cheap phones. A kinda pathetic.

  42. If you have your laptop with you (for example: Macbook Pro Retina), you can also plug iPhone’s charging cable to laptop USB port and leave your laptop’s lid closed. I am using it very often – you can fully charge from laptop’s battery I think 5-7 iPhones or more.

    • And I forgot to add that I leave my laptop with closed lid to my backbag and and wirered iPhone comees to my jacket or jeans pocket – then I can use it simulateusly.

  43. People who have problems with battery life are most likely people who overcharge their batteries, have their screen brightness turned up to the max, leave the WiFi on so it’s constantly looking for a source to hookup with, and leave 5,10,15 apps running in the background, then they complain that, “Oh, my battery life sucks…” Well jeez, I wonder why?

  44. Scott Rose says:

    Samsung is getting desperate.

  45. rafalb177 says:

    Damn. Shamedung with their blatant commercials again. Screw them, cheap shit makers.

  46. b9bot says:

    I’ve seen others with Samsung phones wall hanging more than IOS users. So go stuff that in your bag of crap Samsung! My IOS device goes for 2 days without recharging.

  47. I hate how Samsung ads always bashes Apple so much. while iPhone ads are so unique that you really want to get one.

    Samsung is an awesome phone but it doesn’t compare the stability and build of the iPhone :)

  48. Samsung’s desperation for sales is just stupid! I mean, why try and sell their product when there are better phones on the market from other retailers. Samsung wouldn’t have even existed without apple to cheat from!!!

  49. Samsung: “We Copy Everything!”

  50. Entertaining… I don’t use Apple or Samsung, but have noticed my wife with her 5c constantly asking “have you seen my charger?”