Less than two months after the Saudi Arabia government cleared Apple to begin marketing products and officially operate in the region, Apple has struck a sales deal with major Saudi Arabia-based retailer Jarir Bookstore. The deal includes both official sales inside of the Jarir retail stores as well as technical support for the products. Previously, Jarir had to use third-party means to secure its supply of Apple products, but now with Apple officially providing product supply, costs will go down for both the Bookstore and its customers, creating an overall improved experience for those looking to purchase Apple gadgets in Saudi Arabia.

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5 Responses to “Apple signs its first retail deal in Saudi Arabia”

  1. Why not opining an official store? I’m sure that people wants the full apple experience!


  2. Omar Sharif says:

    Jarir Bookstore have some branches outside KSA , does this deal also covers these branches ?


  3. Why no actual Apple retail store?


  4. This id good as first step but it’s not enough for me, what I want really to see Apple retail store to have full support and other features what other countries have


  5. Awesom Siddi says:

    people in saudi arabia love apple product but Al-jarir store are fraud they sell apple product in very high price ..