CarPlay Hyundai

We’ve already seen several polished demos of Apple’s CarPlay feature so far, but Hyundai’s demo to MotoMan in the video below gives us the clearest look of how the CarPlay functions in the 2015 Sonata announced earlier this year alongside the automaker’s existing infotainment system.

In the footage you can see the process of connecting the iPhone to the CarPlay system using the Lightning cable and how the UI changes on the phone as well as how this prompts Hyundai’s own native system to activate the CarPlay user interface.

Automakers supporting CarPlay have already said their own solutions will still exist in cars featuring Apple’s feature (and some will even feature Google’s Android Auto alongside CarPlay) and this demonstration gives us a clearer look at just how separate the CarPlay experience is from the rest of the system’s features. Specifically in the Hyundai demonstration, the native maps feature was used to locate local points-of-interest based on data from Google.

Hyundai CarPlay Google

You can clearly see how CarPlay lives as an app on the dash alongside other apps when the iPhone is connected. The demonstration also shows how Siri’s functionality can be accessed over the system even when the it is in a non-CarPlay user interface including the native radio using the steering wheel controls.

The full video is rather lengthy, about 11 minutes long, and the first appearance from CarPlay starts around the 3 minute 50 second mark with the other demos spread out across the video. It’s an interesting and in depth look at how CarPlay is integrated into a car actually shipping this year while showing how CarPlay can coexist alongside the non-Apple system. Check it out below:

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7 Responses to “In depth demo of Apple’s CarPlay feature in 2015 Hyundai Sonata (Video)”

  1. silas681 says:

    Really surprised Apple EVER let car play share a screen with the clunky looking Hyundai interface


    • rahhbriley says:

      Until their is an iCar I doubt they can help it.

      Liked by 1 person

    • rogifan says:

      Well Apple could always design their own infotainment system. But then they’d have to support other platforms so that’s not likely to happen.


    • CarPlay will always be an “extra” to the car manufacturers own system. as there are things in cars that car play just can’t do. engine management settings, sport settings, in Mercedes you can even set profiles up for whoevers driving and how they drive. For example, seat, steering and mirror positions all controlled electronically that will automatically move and switch for each person driving, even how that person drives, super efficient for the little housewife who does the school run, or powerful and fun for mr 30 year old business man who likes a good drive every now and then. Car play is a multimedia device, built to make a seemless integration between your phones information and what you can get to whilst driving. And as stated in the video mobile coverage isn’t everywhere so when you do lose your signal it’s nice to not be stranded with no sat nav and no way to know where you are going. Also there will be people who don’t want car play, so the manufacturers will have to design a system anyway, why build it to waste it. It’s good to have both rather than one or the other,


  2. I have the 2011 sonata and I’m satisfied with it. I was thinking about going to another manufacturer, with car play, but after seeing this video I just might stick around.


  3. rlowhit says:

    Apple integration will not compel me to buy a Hyundai


  4. There’s notable problem with carplay and that is the fact that the clock isn’t big enough. A clock needs to be relatively large when you are glancing over (hence why they made the icons large). However it is a million times better than android auto where the clock is even smaller and over in the far right and beside other things.