LinkedIn has steadily been iterating on its Contacts app for iPhone since it debuted just over a year ago, and today the business-focused social network is rebranding that app as LinkedIn Connected. The focus on rethinking its approach to contacts comes after LinkedIn shut down its Intro feature on iPhone after a rather short run.

LinkedIn says the new version of its app focuses on actively strengthening your relationships with your contacts rather than just managing your contacts list passively. The social network says its LinkedIn Connected app presents important information about your connections like changes in job status, work anniversaries, birthday, and more. LinkedIn describes one benefit of its new Connected app as having access to “pre-meeting intelligence” as a way to make a better impression and start better conversations.

LinkedIn Connected 2.0, which replaces LinkedIn Contacts for iPhone, is available today on the App Store. LinkedIn Connected joins the dedicated LinkedIn app, LinkedIn Pulse, LinkedIn Job Search, and LinkedIn Recruiter.

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One Response to “LinkedIn reimagines its Contacts app debuting LinkedIn Connected for iPhone”

  1. Wait, so are they ever going to integrate the CardMunch feature into this app or what? I actually don’t have this app, so I don’t know, but I doubt it does. CardMunch was the greatest.