MacRumors notes that many iTunes song previews have reverted back to 30 seconds. Previews were increased to 90 seconds in the U.S. back in 2010 with the increased time rolled out internationally the following year.

It’s not immediately clear what is behind the change, nor what is determining which tracks are affected, but as we’re finding different people are seeing different length previews for the same tracks – even when both are in the same country – some kind of glitch may be the most likely explanation.

Apple apparently presented labels with a fait-accompli when it first extended previews to 90 seconds, writing to representatives to advise them of the change, rather than specifically seeking agreement.


Some labels objected to this, with extended previews delayed for some albums.

We’ve contacted Apple to ask for a statement, and will update if and when we get a response.

On the topic of iTunes, Germany is now seeing Rotten Tomatoes ratings with some movies, along with a new price button in the status window while previewing music or films.

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8 Responses to “Many (most?) iTunes song previews have reverted back to 30 seconds – likely glitch”

  1. magus418 says:

    Reblogged this on sea-swoon and commented:


  2. Wow, that’s one humdinger of a headline. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? :)

    How about this for a headline?

    Potential Glitch Reverts iTunes Previews to 30 Seconds.


  3. Glitch? I’m not a software engineer, but how would that even happen? Accidentally paste in code from 2005?


  4. rettun1 says:

    Searched the store on my iPhone for a few minutes and found only 90 second previews


    • Yeah it was a glitch because the same songs I seen yesterday that were only 30 second previews today are 90 second previews. So something happened on Apples side that reduced the preview time.