Sales channel data from 35 countries compiled by Counterpoint shows that the iPhone 5s remained the world’s best-selling phone as of May, some eight months after its launch. This backs up a report from ABI Research that the phone had retained the number one slot through Q1.

Apple’s iPhone 5s continues to be the bestselling phone in the world, a spot that many expected to be taken by Samsung’s Galaxy S 5. The highly anticipated Galaxy S5 comes in at second place but still a quite distant number two in terms of (sell through) unit sales.

The news wasn’t quite so good for the iPhone 5c, which came in at number 5, behind both the Samsung S5 and last year’s S4 – as well as the company’s Note 3 phablet.

The iPhone 4S keeps on trucking: two-and-a-half years after its release, Counterpoint shows it at number 6 – one notch down from ABI’s Q1 data.

Overall, Samsung has roughly twice Apple’s market share thanks to a huge range of handsets at all price levels, a statistic that is unlikely to keep Tim Cook awake at night even if market share doesn’t increase, as Apple takes home the lion’s share of the profits – something you can watch in real-time thanks to an interactive graphic.

It’s widely expected that the iPhone 6 will boost Apple’s share of the market as it taps into demand for larger displays, with Cook saying last month that there is more growth to come from Android migration.

(via Business Insider)

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12 Responses to “iPhone 5s remains world’s best-selling phone, iPhone 5c takes number 5 slot”

  1. Has to really piss off Samsung executives when they release a few dozen phones per year and either keep pace or are outperformed by Apple with only a handful of devices.

    • abel9037 says:

      That’s what I like about apple they don’t have a new device every day which makes the one they have out a special device

    • beno51079 says:

      Samsung for all there iPhone and iPad bashing can’t beat Apple so they have resort to insulting iPhone costumers will their “Wall Huggers” ad.

    • beno51079 says:

      Couldn’t agree more. It just goes to show Apple’s approach is the right one.

    • herb02135go says:

      As happy Samsung customer, the many variations of the phone are great. It makes for great usability and all sorts of choices.

      I have a S5, which I love. I can also get the even more rugged S5 Active or the smaller S5 Mini.

      That variety of models and price points is why Apple did the 5s and 5c.
      Otherwise, Apple’s approach is “take it or leave it.”

      • herb02135go says:

        I should have said that I had the choice between the S5 and the other models.

        Consumer choice is great.

        How many hear have used both brands of phones? I don’t see any raised hands!

      • beno51079 says:

        You also forgot to mention the iPhone 4S as the entry level iPhone with iPhone you get the same experience wether it’s the 5S, 5C or 4S you don’t with Samsung with Android fragmentation with cheap Samsung phones using versions of Android from 2-4 years ago which Samsung abandons after about 1 year depending on the Samsung model. IOS is just better and that’s why it’s the world’s top selling phone. Samsung copy Apple’s innovation.

      • beno51079 says:

        Samsung sheep who doesn’t know what they buy with Samsung phones with their cheap plastic designs.

      • beno51079 says:

        Says the Samsung sheep. That’s the kind of thing I expect from Samsung sheep who don’t know anything about Apple and iPhone. iPhone is and alway will be more successful than Samsung. From a happy iPhone Customer.

  2. shalin93 says:

    The fact is Samsung copies from Apple and then a little change in that and launches that as a new Samsung feature

  3. shalin93 says:

    I still use my iPhone 4 and m mighty pleased to have it

    Alone android pissed me off
    I feel like using my iPhone 4 till the launch of iPhone 6

    Waiting for iPhone 6 badly