Continuity Keypad

Anyone testing iPhone Handoff calling on OS X Yosemite, Apple’s latest Mac operating system, have probably noticed one major detail missing: a dialer. Student developers Eytan Schulman and Harrison Weinerman have created a very useful utility called Continuity Keypad that solves that problem.

Essentially what the app does is bridge a gap created by Handoff and FaceTime when making calls on your Mac using your iPhone. It creates a dialer similar to the one found on your iPhone allowing you to easily call numbers using your iPhone from your Mac, and it uses transparency to fit in with the new look of OS X.

The current implementation of Handoff between iPhone and Mac allows you to answer incoming calls from anyone, call out numbers saved in your contacts, or type out a number in a text field and call from the sub menu, but Continuity Keypad makes the experience of initiating a call to someone not in your contacts a much more intuitive experience.

The utility does have a few limitations at this point like pound (#) and star (*) functionality during calls, but these buttons do work when initiating a call. The utility does make calling a second number during a call on Mac much easier, though, and anyone testing iPhone Handoff calling on OS X Yosemite should find it useful.

Handoff iPhone callingThe app’s developers plan to continue working on the utility by improving performance and adding additional feature before releasing it alongside OS X Yosemite later this fall, and current Yosemite testers can try out an beta version of the app for free here in the mean time.

In addition to the work above, the video below shows the potential for a dialer using the Today view in Notification Center, which will support widgets with OS X 10.10.

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39 Responses to “Continuity Keypad adds a dialer to OS X Yosemite for iPhone Handoff calls”

  1. I’m able to receive the messages but not the calls on my mac. Is there something do i need to setup to get the calls too?


  2. This could make a nice sidebar widget.


  3. jrox16 says:

    Translucency, not “transparency”. (Gaussian blur technically)


  4. minatory221133 says:

    You can dial numbers from Yosemite. Simply type them into the FaceTime app and call them.


  5. A stupid idea, made from people who don’t understand why a Mac isn’t an iPad.


  6. coolfactor says:

    Very nice “dailer”.


  7. great idea, i think a quick ”add to contact” and ”send sms” next to the ”Dailer” button could be a time saver in some situations…. don’t get me wrong, i know you can just open the sms app or the contact…. but i think this is a very quick way to contact ”outsiders”,


  8. I clicked on the link, and all I get is a blank webpage.


  9. Why does it call home and what information do you collect?


  10. I have tried “Continuitykeyboard” but it doesn’t work at all.
    I have dialled my own number from my another number, tried with texting but didn’t work.
    I think you need to work a bit harder than you are working to fix on this.
    Pls. note that I have tried from Yosemite OS (Beta) and I have iOS 7 (Latest version in iPhone 5S Gold)
    This feature is fantastic if it works well.


  11. hi, i am not reciving calls in my mac. i have updated iPhone 5 to ios 8beta5, bluetooth is on, same wifi network…. still in Yosemite i am not getting the call. MacBook pro retina 2014 model.
    is there any fix ?

    all devices are in same icloud account. thanks.


  12. What if you need to use the numberpad in a call.. like when choosing what support track to use or something like that…. then it seems that you are forced to use the phone … as the keypad doesn’t work for that.. neither the facetime app can do that..


  13. Nate LaFerle says:

    When I try and dial a number with this app, Microsoft Lync opens. It seems like there’s some sort of default dialer setting in OS X that is currently set to Lync instead of Continuity. Anyone know how this can be changed?


  14. Fantastic idea. Very very useful for me. Many thanks.


  15. Great idea. Is this working on the final release? Not getting it to dial on my iMac and Continuity is working.


  16. You can use Facetime to make a phone call through your iPhone. It’s the cheapest solution to get phone dialer. It works for me perfectly.


  17. David Friend says:

    I just went to the app store to download it. The app is not there


  18. Devon Dunham says:

    This is absolutely wonderful. I am still installing this even though you can dial directly from the facetime app in yosemite, this looks to make it much easier. What I need is the ability to press * and # though for manipulating conference calls. I can’t believe they did not include a dialer by default.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. With this app i don’t have to look at my face every time i want to call someone from my computer


  20. Great simple app and works well. At first it kept opening up microshaft communicator but after a quick response from their support team via email, it was a simple as changing the default dialling application in FaceTime back to FaceTime.
    I love the notifications widget too.


  21. Any ideas on how to integrate this with Alfred so I can call someone without using the mouse?