In addition to launching a redesigned version on Android, Fleksy today has given us a first look at its upcoming keyboard offering for Apple’s iOS 8. iOS 8 launches this fall with several new iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch features, including the ability for developers to launch custom system-wide keyboards. Fleksy previously announced that it is working on a keyboard for iOS 8 and has opened up signups for a beta, but today the company provided us with the first images and some new details…

First, the developer tell us that it plans to release the keyboard for both iPhone and iPad on iOS 8’s launch date bearing any unforeseen circumstances. “We’re racing to make it the best product for fall,” the company told us today. As of right now, the keyboard is not yet in beta, but the company says that is getting closer to beta and working on the logistics of distributing the keyboard for this testing phase. Development is currently far along enough for Fleksy’s developers to use it as their proper daily keyboard.

Like the Android version of the keyboard, the iOS variant will come in both free and premium flavors, but Fleksy will strongly push the paid version. Like today’s update to the Android keyboard, the iOS version will have a built-in store for customers to purchase additional themes and custom features. Premium users will also get one premium theme at no additional cost. “We’re working on the best possible way for people to experience the iOS keyboard for free, but we do want to remain a premium product,” the company said.

Besides Fleksy, SwiftKey and Swype have announced development of iOS 8 keyboards, but those two companies have remained mum on their specific plans. iOS 8 launches this fall, and the new operating system also unlocks Touch ID for developer integration, adds new features for emailing and instant messaging, and allows iPhones to track user-health with a new HealthKit service and Health application.

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5 Responses to “First look at Fleksy’s upcoming keyboard launching alongside iOS 8”

  1. If they are anything like their android counter parts then i’d toss my hat to Fleksy or Swype. Both are awesome for the uses. Straight typing, Fleksy. Mostly swiping i like Swype. Swiftkey is OK but i dont like the look and keyboard layout of it. Just my .02..

    Just curious, how easy is it going to be to switch keyboards on iOS?


    • Kyle Bavender says:

      IIRC switching keyboards will be the same as it always has been — try it out by turning on other keyboards, such as Emoji, Japanese, etc. There’s a “globe” icon you can tap to switch or tap & hold to select.


  2. Is it going to be about the same as the app is now for iOS 7?


  3. If it is like the current iOS Fleksy app, the suggestion engine is not nearly as good as iOS 8. I’m constantly impressed by the default iOS 8 keyboard’s suggestions. Type “I’m at your front” and the keyboard will suggest “door” without typing anything else. Receive a text saying “did you get the groceries yet?” and your suggestions are “yes” “not yet”. Type “you received a” and “package” is a suggestion without typing anything. These are just 3 recent examples. From what I’ve seen of the Fleksy app, it doesn’t come close to this. Hopefully/maybe Apple will let 3rd party keyboards tap into Apple’s suggestion engine.


  4. sardonick says:

    Biggest feature I’m looking forward to on ios8 is replacement keyboards for the shoddy stock one. Should make the other things I don’t like about the ui at least tolerable if the keyboard is better.