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Shazam, the popular music identification app for iOS that was recently integrated into iOS 8’s updated version of Siri, has launched a new Mac application that resides in the menu bar listening for music to identify. Once it has detected a song, you’ll get a notification with the name, artist, and more of the music being played.

After a song is identified, you can also get instant access to the lyrics, music video, or iTunes Store link to buy it for yourself. You can also share tagged songs on various social networks.

Shazam for Mac is a free download on the Mac App Store.

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22 Responses to “Shazam for Mac brings instant music recognition and more to your menu bar”

  1. I’m not comfortable with Shazam listening to everything in my apartment.


    • Shazam seems useless on a laptop cause how often is music playing somewhere where you’re using your laptop and you can’t reach your phone.


    • It works uncomfortable, I like the background function, but I ofter want to use it only at some moment. There should be quick shazam button like on iphone


      • Hmmm… dude, you can use it only at some moment! If you click on the shazam icon in the taskbar at the top there is a little “On” button. Just set it to off. Then, when you want to “shazam” a song just put it to “On” and it will listen the music. When you are done put it back to “Off”.

        BTW, this is valable too for all the people that says “Oh I don’t want the app to always listen in my room” well.. PUT IT TO OFF! People are weird sometimes.. haha :)


    • lol! who do you think you are? some sort of high ranking executive of a global corporation / vip / important political dude in the white house? who gives a shit of your background sound? come on dude ! lol just enjoy the app, and i hope they extend the background listen function timer to endless not just 4 hours


      • Really? If a person stood at your window just watching you good about your room you would think it’s creepy and call the cops. A company makes plans on doing the same thing and it’s ok?


  2. running3000 says:

    It seems that Shazam is only available in the US Mac App Store right now, but not in the German Mac App Store.


  3. nelmat says:

    Pretty limited usefulness… If I’m sat at my mac then the chances are that any music I’m listening to is being played on my mac and I know what that is already – very rare that you’d be listening to something in your own home and not know what it is. Yes, there will be rare occasions when track info is missing – but very rare indeed.


  4. this i soooo useful! Shazam had made a smart move by releasing its first ever desktop app on mac and this should have been done years ago !!

    now i no longer need to grab my phone to identify the song plays in those tv shows cause it’s gonna do it for me in the background !!

    however they need to give us an option to switch the background listener to endless mode


  5. Ah, it seems to be using the Mac’s mic to listen to your room.

    I’d rather it was somehow catching the output stream to the speakers before it goes out the jack.

    Then again, it’s pretty much useless. I have a Mac mini at work and the speakers are pretty close both to the mac and a webcam I have installed. So far it hasn’t caught a single song.

    But most of all, I’m not happy with the app listening in in my room / office.

    Bye bye Shazam for Mac.


  6. Honestly, I would much rather have it listen to the music playing on my local machine as opposed to the music playing around me. There’s so many times where I’m watching a video on YouTube or another site and would love to see what the music is. Being that most of the time this is at work I don’t want to blare music from my speakers just to capture from my phone.


  7. For some reason it does not work for me :( look :


  8. Here’s a novel idea, everyone – how about you turn on Shazam when you – you know – want to tag a song? What a concept! You don’t have to have it on indefinitely. Hear a song, want to know what it is, but in front of your computer? Turn it on to find out.


    • You’re all missing the point. You don’t have to be in front of the computer. It keeps a running list of tagged songs you can refer to later. It’s pretty useful that way. You can turn it off with one mouse click.


  9. herb02135go says:

    This is another one of those popular – but – pointless apps.

    If you want to know the background music on a tv shoe go to its website. It’s more accurate.


  10. Maybe someone know, how to force Mavericks’ Notifications / Text to Speech, to also say artist, not just the name of the song? like: ‘name of the song’ by ‘artist’