HP-Watch The great smartwatch boom is starting to consume electronic makers and HP is not exempt. The company is partnering with designer Michael Bastian to produce its own next-gen timepiece. Hewlett-Packard’s timekeeper won’t be dedicated to a single mobile platform and will instead serve as a companion device for Android and iOS smartphones similar to how Pebble watches work.

HP’s smartwatch will have a 44mm stainless steel casing and will feature interchangeable bands available in plastic, rubber and leather. Bastian’s design is said to draw inspiration from the luxurious interiors found in high-end automobiles, which sounds kind of cool, depending on who you ask. As for the watch’s software, HP will use a multi-platform app to push emails, text messages and other notifications from your iPhone to its smartwatch. Reportedly set to launch this fall, pricing and hardware details remain unknown, but considering the direction of this particular smartwatch, specs don’t appear to be a major focal point.

(via Hypebeast, Fashionista)

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5 Responses to “HP and designer Michael Bastian team up to produce an iOS-compatible smartwatch with a traditional look”

  1. RP says:

    Sounds like this may be the best of the bunch so far


  2. I have, so far, enjoyed to various degrees as watches, the iPod Nano, Pebble, Sony Smartwatch 2, and Pebble Steel – and so far the best combinantion of appearance, facilities and battery life I’ve found to be in the Pebble Steel. I’m still awaiting the long promised Agent and Hot – Kickstarter watches.


    • Cole Warner says:

      The Agent and Hot kickstarter watches look horrible! The only smartwatch I’d consider wearing at this point is the moto 360. I hope Apple goes with round (more inconspicuous) but I have a feeling it’ll be more of a band.


  3. yawnyarko3 says:

    well well… we for the person


  4. yawnyarko3 says:

    well well…. we hope for the best