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As expected, Apple has released iOS 8 beta 5 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to developers this morning. This update, like the past betas, includes various performance and bug fixes. The previous beta brought various minor user-interface touch-ups and a new Tips app to iOS 8. We’ll be updating this post as new discoveries are made in iOS 8 beta, and you can send us what you find to You can find what’s new in beta 5, below:

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 10.04.19 AM

– There is also a new Apple TV beta seed.

– “Spirometry data types are now available in HealthKit,” according to the iOS 8 beta 5 release notes.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 10.34.04 AM

– iCloud has a new set of icons in the Settings app.


– The iPhone will now prompt you to allow other devices to access SMS messages (thanks Dann)


– Health app updated with new icons for Body data and Data Exporting.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 10.47.07 AM

– New options for iCloud Photo Storage

– Swipe down access for Spotlight is much quicker.

– New Health panel in Privacy settings


– New WiFi calling indicator for T-Mobile WiFi calling.


– Tweaked predictive text toggle in Messages app.

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59 Responses to “Apple releases iOS 8 beta 5 to developers with Health enhancements, UI tweaks”

  1. Zoheb Khan says:

    checking for updates… :/ since 5 min.


  2. Wooh I Have The Update :D


  3. samuelsnay says:

    So do we have any clue yet as to when ios 8 will officially be released? Or just sometime this fall?


  4. Is Whatsapp stable in the beta 5?


  5. I can’t wait for the final release, for sure. I am sure Apple hides anything that would identify the new iPhone model (since surely part of the iOS 8 is particular to the upcoming iPhone).

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Optimize options now available as part of photos


  7. Anyone else stuck at the end of the update process with like a little sliver left of the progress bar? I’ve been stuck on it for like 10 minutes.


  8. Apple TV has finally been outfitted with a flat interface to match other Apple devices.


  9. goofygear says:

    After updating, I was greeted with the recovery mode…


  10. The No New Widgets button in NFC is gone.


  11. Is Wi-Fi calling on the 4S enabled?


  12. Zoheb Khan says:

    i am still not getting the update option.


  13. There’s an album in Photos called “Recently Deleted” that I never noticed before. Says ‘Items will be erased 30 days after being marked for deletion. Each item shows the days remaining’


  14. cjt3007 says:

    Homescreen Webapps are accepting touch input again – now have some other issues though :(


  15. Gotta love the “Connect to iTunes” screen on startup :( cant do anything now! 8 hours without a phone is a struggle.


    • goofygear says:

      I connected to iTunes and canceled the “we are going to put you back to ios 7″ thingy. Pressed alt (opt) + update button and selected the file containing IOS 8 beta 2 and got the iPhone working (iCloud backup). I then downloaded the beta 5 to my Mac and did the same procedure :)


  16. Zoheb Khan says:

    There’s new animation on time-lapse button while recording ! :D


  17. Alex Meiner says:

    Emoji icon has much more happy face


  18. The Notification center has an awesome new feature, I was waiting for in a while, no one noticed till now. Since Beta 4 you can dismiss notifications from the lock screen. You can even delete emails. No need to login to dismiss for every new notification that lays over your music. Great!


  19. Continuity works with iphone 4s and ipad 2 perfectly, with calls and SMS. Nothing to do with bluetooth, only uses WiFi, devices nedd to be on the same network and thats all!!!


  20. I might be a little behind here, so is it or is it not possible to deactivate the predictive keyboard throughout the whole system?


  21. Athoof Saiid says:

    Did anyone have a problem installing this update? Mine is taking longer than usual to complete the installation. Any thoughts?