Photos of apparent leaked iPhone 6 parts continue, the latest from AppleClub in Taiwan claiming to show complete logic board assemblies. With most of the components hidden beneath shielding, we don’t learn anything new beyond the flash memory chip middle-left appearing to be made by Toshiba … 

The A8 chip would be beneath the shielding on the right, just above the SIM slot.

The photo adds to recent ones showing  tapered edges on the display panel and the power button moved from the top to the side of the phone; a raised camera cutout; and a single, circular True Tone flash.

The iPhone is expected to be officially announced by Apple on 9th September.

Via MacRumors

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9 Responses to “Latest leaked iPhone 6 parts photo shows complete logic board assembly”

  1. Isn’t Appleclub where the iPhone 6 front panel which wasn’t an iPhone 6 front panel at all, came from? It was literally immediately obvious, yet all tech sites ran with it of course.


  2. Okay so lets get all these leaked parts together and put the phone together and see what it does!


  3. Wow, yet another leaked parts story…………….


  4. Pretty sure we’ve seen 90% of the parts by now… If those plastic antenna inserts are going to be so thick why couldn’t they match it in color with the shell’s.