yosemite hero

Apple released OS X 10.10 Yosemite Developer Preview 6 today as we reported ahead of its expected public debut in October, and four new beautiful wallpapers of Yosemite National Park have been included. Other changes include several redesigned icons in the System Preferences app, tweaked user interfaces throughout the operating system, and more. Read our coverage of the latest OS X Developer Preview here, and check below for each of the new Yosemite-inspired wallpapers below.

First up is the default Yosemite wallpaper we’ve already seen followed by four new beautiful landscapes including one similar to the original:

Update: A user on Reddit asked about those MacBook Pro with Retina display wallpapers on the Apple Store site, and someone else located a version.

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14 Responses to “Here are all of OS X Yosemite’s beautiful new wallpapers”

  1. These are really nice.


  2. bpbatch says:

    If only Bob Ross were alive to see these!


  3. You missed one, the one with the wave is new as well


  4. shazamo says:

    As usual, apple has chosen beautiful images for their backgrounds… At first I didn’t like the new look, but with all of these touches that are great, I’m starting to prefer it.


  5. There are so many places to get wallpapers from, why is this so significant. You can find new wallpapers anywhere you want now a day’s. Kinda pointless…


  6. fcoramirez says:

    The retina one looks super bad, like it was compressed


  7. The down load link d.pr does not work? Any idea for alternate source


  8. Thanks for making those available. They are spectacular photos!


  9. hey there awesome post about the wallpapers included with yosemite osx but i had a hard time getting the original size images downloaded so can someone make me a compressed file with the original size images thank you! email the image zip to rocksirc@icloud.com thank you!


  10. Alex Burda says:

    Hy Zac! Any idea about where can be found the unknown wallpapers (presumable from OS X Yosemite) shown on this page from the Apple website? :)