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Sprint has unveiled its newest family data plans in an attempt to win back customers that have fled to rivals AT&T and Verizon. The new plans offer twice as much data as the competition at about the same prices. It’s the latest move by the floundering carrier following the less-than-stellar reception of its recently-announced “Framily” plans.

The new plans allow up to ten lines with a shared data pool of 20 GB—paired an additional 2 GB per device as part of a limited-time offer—for a grand total of up to 40 GB of shared data through 2015. A pricing chart (below) breaks down how all of the charges in the new plans work, including an additional $10 per tablet and shared data packs of up to 60 GB.

The new plans go into effect on August 22nd. The company says it will make additional announcements soon, including one later this week about new and improved plans for individuals.

Sprint Family  Share Pack2

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13 Responses to “Sprint announces revamped family data plans with double data, individual plans coming soon”

  1. rosenathan says:



  2. tpetaccia says:

    Errant $ sign … “$40 GB of shared data …”


  3. crichton007 says:

    Does anyone know what this will do to the Framily plans they currently offer? I’m on the 1GB plan since I can switch to higher data any time I like but I may try to switch to a higher plan if it is going away.


  4. rlowhit says:

    Sprint offers a lot of value. Lowest priced, unlimited data. Last time I signed up the service was so spotty the iPhone was unusable without wifi. Cancelled in my 30 days period and went Verizon have no intention of leaving. I dont care how good the savings is, if I cant use the basic function of my iPhone then even if you offer me free service it doesnt matter.


    • Thats exactly why i left and i was with them 11 years. i felt like this is pointless i live in NYC and i barely get coverage in my apt or when i traveled out side NYC. i always had them crediting me because i felt like i was paying just to pay.


  5. I work for one of the competitors so maybe I’m biased… it seems that Sprint changes everything way too often and just completely gets rid of their old plans. They offer unlimited data, and they push that and then stop. Then they offer the Framily plan for like 4 months and then just get rid of it completely, then start pushing something similar to MobileShare and Share Everything plans? Sprint doesn’t make any sense and it seems to just be grasping at straws at this point to stay afloat. Also not really understanding the whole “through 2015/2016″ ideas that T-Mobile and Sprint are pushing. So how are the customers going to feel in a year and a half when they get used to using all this data and then it just changes on them? That’s REAL awesome customer service…

    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


  6. Winski says:

    AAAhhhhhhaaaaaa!!! Sprint… Lowering prices….. to NEW users, NOT existing users who have carried this junk heap for years…. ?? Are you kidding me?? IF you’re still a Sprint customer, 1) You’re an idiot and 2) You WANT to be deluded an taken advantage of on purpose because under Hasse, YOU’VE BEEN SCREWED – CONSTANTLY!

    IF you’re still a customer, and Sprint doesn’t offer to give you a year’s worth of service – unlimited service on ALL levels starting by NOON TODAY, then look for another carrier.. Get out.. LEAVE!!! TODAY!


  7. Marklewood at Serenity Lodge says:

    All of these plans are so complicated to read. One never really knows how much they will cost until the bill comes. And then: “SURPRISE”!!! Gotcha! Why can’t they just offer a basic plan with basic rates? Oh . . . I get it . . . the more confused we are, the more we can get screwed.