We have received some information about the upcoming Apple laptops – we think they are MacBooks but aren’t 100 percent sure they aren’t the fabled Pro slim line.  
What we know:

  • Black aluminum and silver aluminum (like MacBook Pros) have been seen
  • They are considerably slimmer than current MacBook and even a bit more than MacBook Pros
  • The screen reaches much closer to the edges than current MacBooks but is the same size as current MacBooks – indicating a somewhat smaller footprint
  • The keyboards resemble Apple’s new Bluetooth Keyboard
  • There is something strange about the touchpad (more on this to come)
  • While they are dense, overall they are lighter than the current MacBooks

What we are wondering:

  • Will there be colors like the Nanos? (Red) would be hott.
  • Will the SSD and memory be easily upgraded?
  • Will they be in the Pro or Consumer or totally new lineup?
  • Will they be released with the Leopard announcement?  Before Christmas?  Macworld?
  • Is Apple over White?
  • Touch interface?

Expect to hear more on this in the coming weeks and maybe even see a few spyshots around the web (Apple Lawyers: not here!).  Oh, and that keyboard picture?  We lifted that from Apple.com, it’s not from a MacBook.

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