Remember when we reported on Myspace doing a deal with Amazon in the music area and you were like SFW?  Well, the two more elite brands in music (iTunes)  and social networking (Facebook) have now paired off for a new joint venture.  We know, SFW.

FWIW…According to Facebook, 100 artists have already set-up up profiles  These types of economies of scales deals are usually pretty good for everyone’s bottom line.  Hopefully Apple can slang some more iTunes and Facebook can keep people from defecting. 

Update: Looks like Myspace is building a iPhone Native app with the SDK so the lines are a bit blurry.


According to the site:

Music is now on Facebook.

Join thousands of bands and music artists all over the world who are using Facebook to connect with fans and spread their music.

If you are a musician or in a band, create your own free Page here:


A Facebook Page is a free, flexible, easy-to-build presence that lets your band interact with our users in new ways:
– Send updates about tours and concerts
– Showcase new releases and post your discography
– Add Facebook Music Player to stream your music and post buy links
– Sell tickets and merchandise
– Engage fans with rich media and streaming video
-Import photos from concerts anywhere in the world
– Let your content spread virally through user interactions with your Page, and be discovered

Become a fan of this Page and get updates about all the new features we’re adding to Music on Facebook.

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