Apple has confirmed what we first said it would – the debut of the new Mobile Me service, which pushes essential information to iPhone users.

It’s Exchange – for the rest of us, pushing email, contacts, and calendars over-the-air, ensuring everything remains in sync between the iPhone, Mac, or PC, syncing data both ways. It works with Mail, iCal, and Address Book on a Mac and Outlook on Windows.

iDisk is integrated as well, while Mail allows panes to be resized, multiple messages to be selected an more. iDisk lets users send files to people through the application, over-the-air. There’s also features for iPhoto users, it’s incredibly effective.

Oh, yes, a 60-day free trial of the service will be made available along with the iPhone 2.0 Software in early July. And, indeed, MobileMe replaces .Mac, subscribers to which will automatically upgraded to the new service. 


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