Apple’s iPhone is already snapping at the heels of Research In Motion and trouncing Palm, but spare a thought for another victim of the invasion – former partner, Motorola.

Apple worked with Motorola to deliver the first iTunes-capable mobile phone, the somewhat lacklustre ROKR. While this never truly competed with Motorola’s RAZR phone, it was an attempt.

Motorola’s handset sales are suffering now in the PiP (Post-iPhone) world. A survey by Rubicon Consulting reveals 14 per cent made the switch from Windows Mobile; 13 per cent from Blackberry, 7 per cent ran from Palm – but almost a quarter, 24 per cent, of those surveyed were previously owners of a Motorola Razr.

A survey conducted by JD Power and Associates found the average price paid for a handset in the US has increased by $9 over the past six months, to a record high of $101.


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