MobileMe is finally PUSHING again

When it comes to Cloud computing, we are definitely Google Apps fans but many people who have a better eye for design than us are MobileMe’ers.  To them, Apple sent a warm email (cut below) this week announcing that MobileMe is finally able to Push email, calendar, etc. services out.  It has been a long recovery since the original MobileMe launch last year but it seems like everything is coming around.  Maybe we’ll consider migrating from Google Apps?  Nah!


Faster syncing with Mac and PC. Changes you make to contacts and calendars on your Mac (Address Book and iCal) or PC (Microsoft Outlook) are now automatically pushed up to the cloud every time you make an update. Likewise, changes you make on, iPhone, or iPod touch are automatically pushed to your Mac or PC. As a result, your contacts and calendars update faster across all your devices. To take advantage of faster syncing, be sure you’re running Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.6 (Mac) or MobileMe Control Panel 1.3 (Windows).

via Giz

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