Time’s finalists for Person of the Year 2009 include Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs.  Jobs won Fortune’s CEO of the Decade earlier this year and is the lone business leader on this year’s Time list.  Here’s their ‘thinking’:

Pro: Named CEO of the Decade by Fortune in November, Jobs has continued to show the rest of the consumer technology world how it’s done. His iPhone App Store surpassed 1 billion downloads, proving that people will still pay for certain kinds of content, and a new version of the iPhone and its software kept improving on the original.

Con: Jobs spent the first six months of the year away from the daily management of Apple to deal with his health problems, including undergoing a successful liver transplant. While consumers continue to snap up the iPhone and its apps, more and more customers in major cities are griping about the poor wireless coverage that comes with it from AT&T. What’s more, new rival smartphones like the Google Android devices and Palm Pre have started to give discerning techies a reason to at least consider switching from the iPhone.

Ironically, they mention that AT&T’s coverage is a ‘con’ to voting Jobs in (like he can help that – or coming back from a liver transplant?!).  In fact, here’s a fantastic FakeSteve post from Friday that illustrates both why Jobs should be a contender and why AT&T’s mess isn’t his fault.

At this writing, Jobs is currently in 3rd place in the reader voting behind the very significant Iran Protesters and Barack Obama (last year’s winner).  Someone call 4Chan?


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