Faced by Apple’s growing Mac, iPad and iPhone marketshare, Dell has kicked back with a price comparison guide that clearly puts the fruit-flavored computer manufacturer in its sights…

In its latest campaign, Dell goes for a side-by-side comparison of the price of Apple computers in comparison to its own charges.

Comparing the Dell Studio 15 with the MacBook Pro 15-inch, Dell makes the claim to offer its machine at $950 per pop, while Apple charges $2,199 for its offering.

What isn’t mentioned is the processors speed — Dell ships a 1.73GHz chip (2.93GHz Turbo Mode) inside its machine, while Apple’s offers a 2.66GHz chip. What’s interesting too is that Dell pits its lowest end machine up against the top-priced Apple variant in its ‘Apple’s for Apples’ campaign.

What makes this possible is the inclusion now of Microsoft’s recently-introduced Windows Live Essentials software. Redmond’s attempt to emulate iLife offers a bunch of multimedia applications for consumers.

That Microsoft has introduced Windows Live reinforces the fearsome effect Apple has had on PC marketshare since the turn of the century.

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