Lawsuit: object hits Apple

Apple, Tivo, Adobe, HP, Xerox and eighteen other firms have been named in a new slice of US legal lawsuitage as defendants in a case set down by another firm, Ganas.

The case — filed in the patent-holder friendly court of the Eastern District of Texas — alleges companies of breaching a patent that relates to object orientation, patent 7,316,913.

That patent describes itself as follows: “A system for communication over the internet and through a firewall utilizing a single communications protocol. A simple object access communications protocol (SOAP) is utilized. This protocol is an XML/HTTP based protocol for sending messages from one object to another across the internet in a platform independent manner. This type of protocol can be utilized to control network elements provided at various locations. ”

They’re also accused of breaching other patents: 7,325,053, 7,734,756 and 7,007,094. Ganas wants a jury trial and damages.

Ganas wants a jury to decide in its favour and damages, costs, expenses, post-judgement interest and enhanced damages as a result of this alleged breach.

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