Valve has released some detailed figures on Mac user habits in the Steam for OS X universe, confirming a mass move to portable computers and strong steps for Mac gaming.

The latest figures show us that over two thirds of Mac users on Steam own a MacBook or MacBook Pro, another 23 percent use an iMac.

Overall (including PC land), 72 percent of processors are Intel, while the majority (59%)of graphics cards in gamerland come from Nvidia. Interesting stat for Windows: 32.73 per cent of users were still using Windows XP, which is currently celebrating its 9th birthday.

In other news, you can pick up Mount Blade: Warband at 66 percent off this weekend, while Worms Reloaded and Secret of the Magic Crystals both made it to the Mac today. Numerous other game updates have also been released.

More stats below:

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