iPhone Download Blog posts a nice video of Swype on Jailbroken iOS

Swype is a keyboard system for touch mobile devices that enables users to type faster in some instances because it doesn’t require as much ‘tapping’. Apple has shown little interest in putting Swype on iOS devices however.

That’s where the jailbreaking community comes in.  Andrew Liu (@WyndWarrior) is working on porting Swype to iOS. With the recent Jailbreakme.com, making it incredibly easy to jailbreak your phone, many others will try it (remember it is in beta).

If you are the adventurous type:

  1.  Head over to jailbreakme.com.  Jailbreak yourself
  2. Add this repository: “http:// wynd.x10.mx” Viva!
  3. Download from mediafire: Swype Beta (v0.1.0)
At this very second it only works on Apple’s apps (not App Store Apps) and the blue line that you are drawing isn’t working but those issues look to be getting fixed soon.
Update here’s a longer video:

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