Perhaps following suit with Google’s plans, Yahoo has launched its own iOS web browser called “Axis” this evening (via CNET), which hopes to be the ultimate solution for syncing bookmarks and browsing the web. Taking a page out of Instapaper, Readability, or Read it Later’s book, Axis installs as a desktop browser extension on Safari, Chrome, or Firefox and keeps bookmarks synced to the Axis iOS app. From the iOS app, you can browse bookmarks from your desktop, view any webpage you like, and take advantage of Axis’ social features that allow you to share webpages with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more. The browser also has a focus on media and shows you the latest trends as you search. In Yahoo’s demo video for the app, Axis takes a popular Chrome feature that many have come to love—search autocomplete—and displays instant information. Engadget took Axis for a spin, claiming: “The desktop browser extension largely stays out of your way until you need it, although we’re surprised the social sharing elements are left out. On the mobile side, it is effectively a full, tabbed web browser, and a fairly solid (if simple) one at that. Most of the advantage comes through having the deeper search options just a pull away.”

Yahoo Axis is available for download now from its website. Google is also rumored to launch a “Chrome for iOS” app, so it will be interesting to see how it compares to iOS’ Safari and now Yahoo Axis. Let us know in the comments how it works for you.

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