Osfoora, one of the newer Twitter clients for Mac, got a very nice update today, bringing to version 1.2. Aside from a much-improved icon (which sports a resolution of 1024×1024, making it ready for those upcoming Mac refreshes), the new version finally brings Twitter’s live streaming API, joining a handful of other apps to provide instantaneous updates to the timeline, including the seemingly-neglected official Twitter app. 

Osfoora also supports Tweet Marker, the syncing service adopted by many mobile Twitter clients, allowing you maintain your timeline position across devices when using supported mobile apps such as Tweetbot or Twitterrific.

Finally, Osfoora has many features I had previously found only in the official Twitter app, such as a global keyboard shortcut for composing a new tweet, and uses similar keyboard shortcuts to the official app. It also supports several image upload services, multiple accounts, Growl notifications, and other useful and convenient features.

The app isn’t perfect. There are a few little bugs in the timeline and the way it handles certain streaming events, and it doesn’t support drag-and-drop image uploads at this time, but the good here outweighs the annoyances. I’ve made Osfoora my Twitter client of choice after using Twitter for Mac for months.

Osfoora costs $4.99 in the Mac App Store, and I highly recommend it.

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