Earlier today, Apple released iOS 6 beta 4 that notably drops the Google-backed YouTube application and adds some tweaks. The iOS 6 3D Maps application is one of the highlight features of the upcoming iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch operating system, so we’ve been combing the app for newly supported 3D regions. We’ve found that Apple has added some new incredible 3D views for new major cities both in the U.S. and abroad. Here are the major new 3D cities we’ve found:

United States: Boston, Atlanta, Portland, Phoenix, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas.

Canada: Toronto.

Europe: Lyon, France; Birmingham, UK; Manchester, UK.

Previous iOS 6 releases, beginning with the beta 1 release in mid-June, include several other cities: Los Angeles, San Diego, Memphis, Denver, Copenhagen, Montreal, San Francisco and the Bay Area, Las Vegas, Sydney, Melbourne, Chicago, Miami, Seattle, and Sacramento. Apple’s iOS 6 3D mapping technology was inherited with the company’s 2011 acqusition of a company called C3 Technologies. C3 also produced 3D data for London, Barcelona, Milan, Prague, Toronto, Venice, Oslo, and Vienna so perhaps we will see those cities added soon.

See our full gallery of the new 3D cities after the break: 

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