Last month, we reviewed the Infuse video player app by FireCore, the creators of aTV Flash. Today, the popular app received an update that addresses performance issues, metadata support, and more. FireCore also notes that AirPlay and HDMI support will be arriving soon in a 1.3 update.

The following changes and improvements have been implemented in version 1.2.4:

• Pause or resume videos using headphone controls • Updated movie search for recent TMDb API change • Improved support for embedded metadata • Re-enabled access to synced music videos • Minor visual improvements to cover art on iPad • Minor performance improvements

12" MacBook

We’ve also received word from FireCore that, in future updates, they will be implementing a full web interface to accompany Infuse. This interface will allow users to upload and manage their media files from a browser application that closely resembles the app itself. The web interface is a handy alternative to iTunes, which is currently the best way to move files onto your device.

Infuse Web

Though the design isn’t final yet, FireCore has provided us with an idea of what you can expect to see in the web interface (pictured above). If you’d like to grab the update, you can get it here from the App Store.

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