Kamcord, the Y Combinator-backed startup offering a free SDK that makes it easy for iOS devs to offer in-game recording functionality to their users, is today announcing an additional $1M in seed funding and some big updates since the last time we checked in. 

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We spoke with CEO Matt Zitzmann about some new features coming to the service today and he also filled us in on the progress the company has made since rolling out a new voice overlay feature back in June. Not only has the service reached an impressive 1 billion gameplay videos recorded (up from 500 million in June), Zitzmann also tells us the company is experiencing developers switching from rival in-game recording platforms due to a much higher rate of gameplay videos shared to social networks.  In-game recording in mobile apps could become a big trend in months to come as Sony and Microsoft move to integrate system-wide recording features in their upcoming next-gen gaming consoles.

Kamcord is announcing some exciting new features for both users and developers today that will help it take advantage of the high share rate it’s experienced in apps using its platform (compared to it’s biggest rival, Everyplay). Perhaps the most important is a new community website that will allow users to browse gameplay videos uploaded using the service. It will also soon roll out likes, comments, user profiles, and a more personalized experience through a subscribing feature for the new community.

Another new feature coming today is “infinite playlists” within the in-game UI and a new developer dashboard will let devs view and select videos to include in the infinite playlists. Kamcord shared some stats from Trial Xtreme 3, one of the games that implemented its platform:

– 300,000 videos shared all-time

– 139 million recordings

in july

– 1.2 million visits to the Kamcord UI in july

– 743,000 views of own replays in july

– 122,000 videos shared in july

As for the funding, the additional $1M (bringing Kamcord’s total seed funding up to $2.5M) comes from Tencent and Innovation Works. Zitzmann also told us that Android remains a top priority and that the team is working very hard on implementing support.

You can learn more about Kamcord and the free SDK here.

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