Following a quick look from Other World Computing last week, iFixit has published its teardown of the new Mac Pro.

Unlike any other Apple product iFixit has reviewed this year, the firm gives high praise to the repairability of the Mac Pro. The system uses no proprietary screws and RAM is accessible without the need for any tools.  Add in the socketed, upgradable CPU originally found in the earlier teardown, the Mac Pro is the most repairable computer in Apple’s lineup by far.

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Interestingly, although the GPU’s are similar one of the cards is also the host for the SSD.

The other important difference to note is that this card (and only this card) hosts the slot for the SSD. This seems to us like a potential opportunity for expansion—perhaps higher storage configurations make use of two of this variety, for doubling up on SSDs?

Whilst it is mostly a glowing review of the machine’s accessible design, iFixit is disappointed with the lack of internal expandability for storage, as fast (through Thunderbolt) external storage alternatives remain costly. 

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