As the latest patent dispute between Apple and Samsung kicked off in court today, the search for unbiased jury members to serve with Judge Koh began today resulting in a standing room-only environment in the court room with over 100 potential jurors summoned.

While the process begins with a number of prospective jurors, the first day is meant to dismiss those with a preconceived bias against either party involved for any reason.

If today’s reporting from several different case watchers is any indication, finding an unbiased jury without any connection to Apple, Samsung, or Google in California is easier said than done.

The first few potential jurors to be dismissed expressed that they had skin in the game…

The next subject of focus was an iPad-toting LinkedIn engineer that thinks both companies abuse patents. He stayed… for now.

Following the LinkedIn engineer was a Cupertino native. Samsung’s representative wasn’t pleased, but Judge Koh saw it acceptable.

Now more potential jurors with connections to tech companies…

…and someone with a relative working on a secret project at Google? Tell me more!

Finally, potential jurors with stock in either company were dismissed. Why did they have to wait all afternoon?

That included the iPad-carrying LinkedIn engineer.

And with that, we’re down to about 25 prospective jurors. The court must choose 10 before the trial can begin. We’ll keep an eye on this space, of course, and share any fascinating developments along the way.

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